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Food connects the world. When trade started it started with spices and sugar. Potatoes are grown in almost all parts of the world today it started in one part of the world and then the production of this vegetable started all over the world. Who does not love food? Everyone loves food from kids to elder people.  Food is important for living and we need to take vitamins and minerals through meals. Hunger pushes a man to earn as no one can survive without food and water.  There is a quote that ‘eat to live but our heart wants more and more food so we are turning into the zone where we ‘live to eat.

There is no dearth of recipes nowadays. We have a variety of options to try food like Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish, Indian, etc. There is some unique flavour in the food of each country for example Indian food is famous for spiciness and sweet recipes. In the same way, there is some distinction in the taste of countries. The recipe we are going to learn today is from Mexico. Mexican food and American food are a little bit similar but there is a difference in the way some dishes are prepared. American Pasta and Mexican pasta are similar in taste. The Spanish desserts are famous for their delicious recipes and mouth-watering aroma. In Mexico and Spain, this dish is prepared in the same way. There could be slight variation but all major ingredients are the same.

How is Arroz Con Leche Prepared?

Arroz Con Leche is basically ‘rice with pudding’ which is prepared all over Spain. When Spanish people start colonizing territories then they bring this dish to the other regions. However, some people believe that Muslims brought this dish to Spain in the middle age. There are several traditions associated with this dish. In Costa Rica, it is believed that if you prepare Arroz Con Leche it helps in lightening your mood. It can also heal wounds. It is prepared with variations. For example in Colombia grated coconut is added to the pudding to give it a better taste. In some places, sugar is not mixed in a pudding. It is sprinkled over the pudding so that it gets caramelized and gives a good taste. In some places, it is made with Vanilla, Caramel, and cardamom.

Arroz Emperatiz is just the same but what makes it different is the addition of egg yolks to the pudding. In India rice pudding is prepared with milk and rice. Later, cardamom powder is used to give it an amazing aroma. The dry fruits are sprinkled all over the pudding this rice pudding is known as ‘Kheer’. It is prepared on occasion and considered auspicious. So, Arroz Con Leche is not the only rice pudding available but the way it is prepared is unique. It is served both hot and cold in Spanish restaurants depending upon the choice of the customer. When it is served cold raisins are spread all over it because it adds a slushy flavour to the dessert.

The Recipe for making Arroz Con Leche

Arroz Con Leche is a delectable dessert that is loved by all Spanish-speaking people. This is prepared with very much delicacy so that people who eat it can have their best time. The thing about healing the wound is not verified but definitely, it satisfies the heart of an epicure. This recipe is not hard to make because it is prepared with certain basic ingredients and does not take much time to cook. This is also not unhealthy so one can have this dessert once or twice a week. The thing which makes a difference is Cinnamon. 

Preparation of Arroz Con Leche


Milk: The quality of milk is here very important, you can go for fresh milk, and does not matter whether it is toned or not toned it will make no difference

One stick of Cinnamon: Cinnamon stick needs to be unadulterated

Lemon rind

Short grain, white rice:  White rice is of normal quality from farms.


Raisins: Raisins must not be soaked 

Ground Cinnamon: It is used for a dusting on a pudding later on

Sugar: you can use normal sugar and there is no problem with using other sweeteners

Pinch of salt: you cannot skip a pinch of salt

Making of Arroz Con Leche

Step1.Cover the rice with water and put the cinnamon stick and lemon rind in it then left it for a simmer. If you want a more creamy texture then add milk to the rice.

Step2. When the whole milk or water is absorbed then add another round of milk or water to Arroz Con Leche and keep on doing it until the whole liquid is absorbed

Step3. Now you can just taste the rice or touch it with your hand to check whether it is cooked properly or not. Some people want the rice to be a bit firm so it is a matter of a choice.

Step4.  When the whole thing is of your choice add a pinch of salt to it and rest it for a while and you can grate the pudding with cinnamon and raisins,

Step5. The pudding is ready to serve you can either have it hot or wait for some time to have it chill after the dinner.

If you love this Arroz Con Leche then you can even try out other Spanish desserts such as Flan and Leche Frita. These are the desserts for a sweet tooth like you.

Arroz Con Leche is very easy to prepare and whenever you are feeling like you are craving something sweet and you want it quickly without giving a second thought you can prepare it from homemade ingredients. Arroz Con Leche is also a healthy choice when compared to other desserts as it does not contain a lot of fats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Arroz Con Leche mean in Spanish?

It means Rice with milk. This is a dish that is prepared using rice and milk mixed with cinnamon and lemon rind which gives it a good taste.

When Arroz Con Leche tastes divine hot or cold?

It tastes good when served either way. When someone is hosting a party or on a grand occasion people serve it chilled after dinner as a dessert but in restaurants and families, people prefer to have it hot directly from the kitchen.

Is Arroz Con Leche tastes better with egg yolks?

Arroz Con Leche is prepared with slight variation in other parts like America or Mexico but it does not make it better or worse as it turns into a new recipe so you cannot call it a better version of Arroz Con Leche

Is Arroz Con Leche is unhealthy?

You cannot call it unhealthy as it has cinnamon, lemon, milk, and rice as it is not prepared in a pressure cooker so even the rice does not contain much fat. Rice when consumed in a limited quantity is not bad for health. So far it is concerned about sugar so having a dessert once or twice a week would not cause any harm.