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Bacon-Wrapped Dates- A Perfect Way To Knock Off Your Parties

As the holiday season knocks on the door, it is best to consider go-to dishes for the same. Everyone looks for crisp dishes on the outside while being tender on the inside. Adding a smoky combination of sweet and salty will do you no harm. Also, adding the goodness of creamy cheese will make the dish die for. So, if you are looking for a dish like this, why not go for bacon-wrapped dates? We bet you will fall in love with it. 

What Are Bacon-Wrapped Dates?

As the name suggests, bacon wraps the dates, which we then stuff with delicious goat cheese. These are then brushed with maple syrup and baked to perfection in the oven. A single bite of these dates is an all-in-one package of smoky, sweet, and salty goodness. 

The combination of salty, crisp bacon, sweet dates, and gooey cheese is amazing. Also, since one can make this appetizer in 4 easy steps, it is everyone’s favorite. So, whenever you are hosting a casual get-together, this dish will make you the star of the show. This should be your go-to dish if you want to serve something unexpected yet lovable at the party. Nothing can match the craziness of bacon-wrapped dates. Who thought they would fall in love with dates wrapped around bacon and stuffed with cheese?

How To Make The Delicious Bacon-Wrapped Dates?

This 4-way appetizer is super easy to make, and people are bound to fall in love with it. Everyone, especially the kids, will grow fond of this delicacy in no time. So, as the host of a crazy party, pair up this dish with refreshing drinks, and you have got yourself a showstopper.


  1. 20 -24 dried Medjool dates
  2. 4 ounces blue cheese or goat cheese
  3. 12-16 ounces bacon (bacon of medium thickness is preferable)
  4. 20-24 almonds, toasted (optional)
  5. Toothpicks soaked in water

Directions To Follow

  1. Begin by heating the oven to 400F. Then, get hold of an oven rack and heat it to 400F. Line the baking sheet with materials of choice and keep it aside. 
  2. Make use of a paring knife to cut open the dates by making a slit on their sides. Open the dates a little using your thumb. If your dates still contain pits, remove them.
  3. Make use of a spoon to stuff the cut dates with the cheese you have chosen. With the back of the spoon, press the cheese into each date. Using toasted almonds is optional. If you are using them, press one almond into the cheese of each date. Now, close the opening of the dates by pressing them together.
  4. If you have store-bought strips of bacon, wrap them around the dates. If you are cutting strips of bacon, do it in half crosswise. Use half a strip of bacon to wrap around the dates. Make the end of the bacon stable by securing it using the soaked toothpick. 
  5. Place the dates one by one on the baking sheet. You should do this by placing the stuffed dates on its side. Make sure that every date is a little away from the other. 
  6. After lining them all on the baking sheet, bake the dates for about 15 minutes. 
  7. After the 15 minutes is over, flip the dates onto the other side. Continue to bake them for another 15 to 20 minutes. As soon as the bacon is crispy, remove the bacon-wrapped dates from the oven. This is because the dates tend to get overcooked if heated in the oven for a long. 
  8. Take the dates out of the oven and place them on a plate lined with a paper towel. If the dates are greasy in texture, blot them to get rid of the grease. 
  9. Serve warm, and enjoy!

Tips To Remember While Making Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Bacon-wrapped dates are easy to make. But a lot can go wrong if you do not follow all the procedures correctly. If you do not secure the end of the bacon, it can create a mess in the oven, spoiling your dish. Like this, various other problems can happen. So, reading the tips mentioned below is important to serve the best bacon-wrapped dates. 

  1. If you want to fill your dates with cheese, use either a small spoon or a piping bag with a plain tip. 
  2. Flip over your dates after 15-minute intervals to make sure that the bacon is crisp from all sides. Also, you should do this to avoid overcooking the bacon on one side. 
  3. You can either serve the dates with a toothpick or take them out to make them more appealing. Either way, it will not cause an issue as the dates will be ready beforehand. 
  4. Always use bacon of medium thickness for making bacon-wrapped dates. This is because thick-cut bacon will take much longer to cook. 
  5. It is not necessary to cook the dates as soon as you assemble them. You can assemble them up to 8 hours before you bake them in the oven. Their condition will remain the same- tasty, sweet, and crunchy, all in one. 

A Detailed Description Of Ingredients In Bacon-Wrapped Dates

1. Dates

Make sure to use large, thumb-sized dates. Here, Medjool dates are preferable. Also, go for dates that appear to be tender and plump. Avoid using dates that are too dry or wrinkled. 

2. Bacon

Try going for bacon that is neither too thin nor too thick. Go for bacon of medium thickness as they will take an adequate time to cook. Do not create a fuss about the brand of bacon strips you must go for. Use one which you always buy from supermarkets. 

3. Cheese

You are free to use your favorite type of cheese while making these dates. Using goat cheese will add creaminess to the dish, along with a little tartness. You can feel free to go for blue cheese, Gouda, smoked cheddar, or even Asiago. 

The Bottom Line

If you are willing to serve bacon-wrapped dates as a party appetizer, you are making the right move.