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Enjoy delicious flavours of Banana Milkshake like never before

Banana milkshake recipe

Who said you cannot gorge on something delicious when on a diet?

This article is for all those foodies who cannot contain the idea of consuming something tasty yet nutritious. This is the reason why we have come up with some lip-smacking range of Banana Milkshake recipes that are not only yummy but also highly nutritious. 

Let’s take a look at the delicious milkshake recipes we have picked up for you! 

How to make Classic Banana Milkshake recipe?

As soon as we think of milkshake, we can’t stop counting the number of calories that will float because of the artificial sweeteners, ice-cream and sugar content in it. But what if we tell you that you can have the best banana Milkshake without these junk ingredients?

With minimal ingredients that you can get at any grocery store, this banana Milkshake is perfect for your kids to stay healthy and fit. Ideal as a breakfast recipe, this banana milkshake recipe will not only help your kids to gain some healthy weight but enjoy the meal to their heart’s content. 

Ingredients to make classic banana milkshake recipe

1. 2 large ripe bananas 

2. 2 to 4 dates 

3. ½ teaspoon cinnamon

4. ½ cup chilled milk 

5. 24 almonds 

Instructions to make classic banana milkshake recipe

  1. Make sure that the milk you are going to use for the milkshake is boiled and then chilled. Chilled milk that has not been boiled before will curdle the shake so, be careful. 
  2. Wash and soak the almonds from beforehand so that they can peel off easily. 
  3. Now take a blender jar. 
  4. Add bananas and ice cubes in the jar. Blend until smooth and frothy. 
  5. Pour the banana shake into a glass. 
  6. Garnish with some cinnamon powder. You can also use coconut milk for additional flavours. 
  7. Serve immediately.

The nutritional content of classic banana milkshake recipe

1. Calories- 426kcal 

2. Carbohydrates 89grams

3. Protein 8grams

4. Fat-12grams

5.Sugar- 51grams

6. Calcium- 101mg

How to make Chocolate banana milkshake recipe?


If your fussy kid isn’t ready to gorge on anything you give them, it’s time to churn the boring food into something delicious. There is nothing better than a good chocolate banana milkshake recipe that kids will not only love but crave to drink more. As banana is an energy booster, this milkshake will help your kids to stay fit without any inconvenience. 

 Loaded with Zinc and minerals, this banana milkshake can be made using simple ingredients in no time. So, what better?

Ingredients to make a Chocolate banana milkshake

1. 2 bananas

2. /1/4 cups vegan milk 

3. ¾ to 1 tablespoon Cocoa powder 

4. 1 tablespoon sugar 

Instructions to make a Chocolate banana milkshake

1. Take a blender jar. Add all the ingredients and mix thoroughly. 

2. If you want to make nut milk at home, all you need to do is soak some nuts for a few hours. Add the nuts to some milk and blend thoroughly. 

3. You can also use the garnishing of your choice. 

4. Serve immediately. 

The nutritional content of Chocolate banana milkshake recipe

 1. Calories- 227kcal

 2. Carbohydrates- 41grams

 3. Protein- 6grams

 4. Fat-5grams

 5. Cholesterol- 15mg

 6. Calcium- 178mg 

How to make a Strawberry-banana milkshake recipe?

Strawberry banana smoothie healthy breakfast drink in glass

If there is anything better than a chocolate milkshake, it is a strawberry banana milkshake. This thick and super-delicious milkshake is not only a kid’s favourite but a healthy way to make your kids stay fit. Loaded with energy-providing nutrients this milkshake can help your kids stay fuller for longer, barring them from eating any junk food. The best part about this milkshake is that it is prepared in less than 10 minutes and you can enjoy this without a pang of guilt. 

Ingredients to make Strawberry-banana milkshake recipe

1. 8 frozen or ripe strawberries

2. ½ banana 

3. ½ cup milk

4. ½ cup of frozen Yogurt

5. ½ tablespoon sugar 

Instructions to make a strawberry banana milkshake

1. Take a blender jar. Pour milk in it with halved strawberries. Blend thoroughly. 

2. Add the bananas, ice-cream and sugar. Mix again. 

3. Use garnishing of your choice. 

4. Pour in a glass and serve immediately. 

Tips to make the best banana milkshake

1. Use frozen fruits to thicken the milkshake.

2. A teaspoon of protein powder in your banana milkshake can help boost energy alongside enhancing the flavours. 

3. If you want your banana milkshake to be healthy, avoid adding sugar and ice-cream. Instead, add extra banana. You could also add jaggery to replace the sugar. 

The final touch

If you are a banana milkshake fan, you must try these recipes we have mentioned above for you. Not only are they rich and creamy but also highly nutritious for your family. Serve as a dessert or a breakfast you will love it! 


Can I add frozen Yogurt in my banana milkshake?

Yes. You can add frozen Yogurt.

What is strawberry banana milkshake?

Strawberry banana milkshake is a thick fruit shake that is mainly served as a dessert or breakfast. It is a favourite among children. 

What to do If I don’t want to add ice cubes to my shake?

Add chilled milk instead. Chilled milkshake is a healthier option in comparison with ice cubes for kids.