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oats recipe

In my opinion, oatmeal is the easiest dish you can ever cook. The simplest oatmeal requires only four ingredients (old-fashioned oats, milk, a dash of salt, and water). Moreover, they are delicious and good for health too. In addition to this, you can cook them in only 2 minutes, the quickest recipe ever, and the only dish that can tussle with it are the 2-minute noodles, and since they are unhealthy, oats are the obvious winner.

Thus, if you are late for your office or are feeling lazy, you can cook oatmeal without hassle.
Moreover, you can always add some of your favorite toppings to the oats recipe and savor the taste of oats with your delicious toppings.

Preparing oats is not a cumbersome process, so people like to eat them. However, it is not always easy to get the taste right. And this makes people wary of eating oats.

Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing different types of oats, the standard oats recipe with milk, some variations of oats recipes that you can experiment with, and finally, we will be taking a look at the different toppings that can be used with oats.

Types of oats:

There are three different types of oats. I love all of them. However, for every person, there is always one that is more favorable than the other. So, my tip to you is that try all of them and then go with whichever you like the most. Now, let us look into the types of oats:

● Old fashioned oats/ rolled oats:

The only difference between these oats and others is that these are slightly pressed (or rolled). This makes them slightly more processed. They need more time to cook than the quick oats as they are thicker than the quick oats.

● Quick oats:

These are the finest of all the oats category as they are the most processed ones. So, you can use them when you are highly short of time. However, I don’t recommend them since they lack nutrients as they are highly processed.

● Steel-cut oats:

These oats are the best among all the types of oats since they are unprocessed and unrolled. This allows them to retain all the nutrients. However, the only limitation that the steel cut oats possess is that they need at least 20 minutes to cook, and this can be a major disadvantage for those who don’t have time in the morning.

How to make an oats recipe with milk?

Follow these simple steps to cook yourself oatmeal:


○Half cup old fashioned oats (or rolled oats)
○Half cup water
○Half cup milk (any milk will do)
○Salt (to taste)
○Brown sugar (optional)


○Stovetop method:

■In a small pan, mix water and milk.
■Put the pan on the stove and allow it to heat until the milk-water mixture starts to boil.
■Pour in the oats and salt in the pan and cook them on low flame, stirring occasionally. Close it with a lid.
■Cook for around 5 minutes until the oats soak most of the liquid content and become soft.
■Turn off the flame, remove the cover and let it sit for 2-3 minutes.

○Microwave method:

■ Take a medium microwave-safe bowl and pour in all the ingredients. Mix it well.
■ Next, put the bowl in the microwave and heat it for 2 minutes.
■ Now, add 10-second increments until the oatmeal becomes soft and puffy. These 10 second additions are only for the first time you cook the oatmeal. After this, you can put in the exact time it took you to make the oatmeal for the first time.
■ Let it sit for a minute or two.
■ Stir before serving.

○Final step:

■ Stir in all the toppings of your choice.
■ Let it sit for two more minutes. If the oatmeal becomes thick, you can add a little more milk to it.
■ Serve hot.

Variations of the oats recipe:

There are numerous variations of the oatmeal recipe as everybody likes this recipe in their own varied way. However, some of them are very popular. Therefore, we will be discussing the most widely eaten
oatmeal recipes:

● Banana nut:

○ Half banana (sliced)
○ Walnuts: 2 tablespoons
○ Ground flaxseed: 1 tablespoon
○ Ground cinnamon: ¼ teaspoon

●Chocolate peanut butter:

○ Cocoa powder: 2 teaspoons
○ Peanut butter: 1 tablespoon
○ Roasted peanut: 1 teaspoon
○ Chocolate chips: 2 teaspoons

●Maple brown sugar:

○ Brown sugar: 1 teaspoon
○ Maple syrup: 1 teaspoon
○ Pecans (chopped): 2 tablespoons
○ Ground cinnamon: ¼ teaspoon

●Strawberry and cream:

○ Strawberries (sliced): ½ cup
○ Honey: 2 teaspoons
○ Vanilla extract: ¼ teaspoon
○ Half and a half: 1 tablespoon

These are the ingredients of different toppings that you might want to put on your oatmeal in the final step. They will give your simple oatmeal recipe a refreshing twist.

Other toppings for your oatmeal:

As mentioned above, there are immeasurable ways to experiment with your standard oatmeal recipe.
Therefore, we will be providing you with a list of common toppings (other than the ones already provided above) that people across the world like to add to make their oats recipe more than just a simple ‘oats recipe with milk’:

● Fruits (berries, apples, raisins, cranberries, dates, apricots, mangoes, coconut, jams, or
● Cooked grains (quinoa, Wheat germ, or amaranth; you can either cook them separately or with
the oats)
● Dairy (creamer or yogurt)
● Sweeteners (agave syrup)
● Nuts and seeds (almonds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds)
● Spices (cardamom, ginger, ginger spice, or nutmeg)

● Protein powder