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The ultimate guide to bone broth and its ever-lasting benefits

bone broth

There was a reason why our ancestors were always healthy and fit. They made the most of the nature around them and used them to their advantage. From fruits, vegetables to animal meat, they made sure to incorporate almost everything into their daily diet. One of them was also bone broth. 

Yes, bone broth is conveniently found in the stores today. However, those are not the real ones as they come with preservatives and unreal ingredients. However, home-made bone broth is worthy of giving you all the nutrients and health benefits you need like your ancestors. If you cannot wait to dig in, so can’t we! 

What is bone broth?

The stock of animal meat is often known as bone broth. In the early days, people used bone broth to make soups and stay healthy. But that was not all. They always customised the broth by adding every part of the animal to gain maximum nutrients from it. As a result, it helped them boost their immunity, keep diseases at bay and prevent cold. Today, bone broth has become an essential part of the keto and paleo diet as well. Since bone broth contains several healing compounds, it is useful to the human body in many ways. By adding it to your daily diet, you can gain nutrients like calcium, magnesium, silicon and even sulphur. 

Home-made or ready-made bone broth? 

We have already told you about it in the introduction. Ready-made bone broth is not real. Store-bought bone broth is not fresh and does not contain all-natural ingredients to keep your body healthy. Instead, they offer lab-produced meat flavours that can be detrimental to your overall health. So, it is always wise to go for home-made bone broth. Making bone broth at home is extremely easy. So, you do not have to worry about burning it or ruining the broth at all. If you follow the recipes, you can succeed at once. You can take the meat of any animal to make bone broth. If you eat chicken, you can take that. If you like beef, you can use that. It depends on your preference. 

Health benefits of bone broth 

Before you storm into your kitchen to make yourself bone broth, you must understand how it is beneficial for your overall health. Yes, there are an array of benefits that bone broth can offer you. So, here are some of the bone broth benefits for you! 

1. Boosts immunity- During the COVID times, there is nothing we need more than boosting our immunity. Home-made bone broth helps us to boost immunity instantly by offering healing ingredients. You can also gain healthy sleep and get rid of all diseases by boosting your immunity. As a result, it also leaves a lasting impact on your overall mood. 

2. Protects joints- With the rising age comes a decline in body flexibility. Our joints begin to give in as the liquid in them begins to freeze. As a result, our flexibility gets hampered drastically. Also, joint pain becomes more common. However, the collagen that is found in bone broth can help get rid of this problem at once. It can help protect our joints and improve flexibility even during old age. Thus, older people should drink bone broth more often than ever. 

3. Good for healthy skin- Collagen does not just help protect joints. It can also help improve our skin by reducing wrinkles and acne problems. So, drinking bone broth can also leave an impact on your skin. If you suffer from a lot of cellulite, bone broth can help you decrease that as well. 

Instructions for the bone broth recipe 

Bone broth is proven to be useful for many purposes. You can also make sauce from it in need. Although it takes some time to cook, you can freeze it and keep it for a long time. Such a thing doesn’t require you to cook the broth every day. You can warm it and drink it whenever you want. 

Ingredients for bone broth 

 1. Bones and carcass of 1 meat 

 2. 12 cups filtered water 

 3. 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 

 4. Salt to taste 

 5. Rosemary or herbs 

 6. 1 sliced lemon 

How to make it?

 1. Take a large pot and add the leftover bones of the meat. You can also add the lemon wedges and rosemary right now. 

2. Add filtered water until generously cooked. Once the broth is prepared, the water will become half. So, don’t worry about the quantity. 

3. Now, season the broth with salt and pepper as per your taste. 

4. Now, add the Apple cider vinegar.

5. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and cover it. Cook the broth for around 10 to 12 hours until it reduces to half. The more it decreases, the more intense the flavours will be. 

6. Now, strain and discard the bones. You can use it immediately or store it in the fridge if you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is bone broth tasty?

 Yes, it is. 

2. Are there any fibres in bone broth? 


3. What utensil should I cook to use it?

 A pressure cooker.