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The Ultimate Cabbage Soup Diet That Will Blow Your Mind Now

cabbage soup diet

Dreaming of shedding weight and unable to find ways? A Cabbage Soup Diet is the ultimate answer to all your worries about your weight. People who have taken up this diet plan claim to have reduced weight equivalent to 10 pounds and more. 

Whether graduation, farewell, or wedding, everyone wants to look fit and attain an hourglass-shaped figure. It is now not challenging to gain this type of figure with our exciting recipe of Cabbage Soup Diet. It is a short-term crash diet and healthy until pushed beyond seven days. 

What Is a Cabbage Soup Diet?

The cabbage soup diet is a cheap yet simpler recipe to lose excess weight out of your body. It is a low-fat, high-fiber diet that should be consumed at least 2-3 times a day. This soup can accompany other food items as per the recommendation of a dietician. Talking about the history of the soup, according to The Guardian, the soup had its origination in the 1950s while its eating plan and pattern took its fame to the rise around the 1980s.

According to some myths, this short-term crash course diet was originally started at Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital by the cardiology department in Spokane, Wash. the cabbage soup diet was experimented on the overweight heart patients so that they could swiftly lose weight before their surgeries. It is also regarded as the ‘Sacred Heart Diet’ simply because of its origin. 

Now, we shall talk about the ingredients required to prepare this soup, and we will also share the recipe for the cabbage soup diet. Stay tuned to know more!

Grocery List To Prepare Cabbage Soup

The cabbage soup can be prepared in many ways. All the different recipes have the same basic ingredients. These are as follows:

  1. Cabbage
  2. Green pepper
  3. Mushrooms 
  4. Large-sized onions
  5. Bouillon cubes [ these are optional ] 

To your cabbage soup diet, you can also mix celery, carrots, and other veggies that are not starchy, like spinach and green beans

Method To Prepare The Soup

Now that we are with the grocery listing let us prepare this lip-smacking yet healthy soup for your crash diet. Follow the steps to prepare your cabbage soup.

  1. Chop all the vegetables roughly into small pieces
  2. Take a pea amount of vegetable oil and saute onions in a large pot. 
  3. Once you are done with sauteing, add the remaining vegetables to the pot and cover it with water.
  4. Add bouillon cubes [ if you have added this to your list ] and another seasoning such as spices, herbs, hot sauce, salt, and pepper to the soup of your choice.
  5. Let the mixture boil for at least 10 mins, then reduce the heat and allow the ingredients to get tender under simming heat.

And tada! Your cabbage soup diet is ready to be consumed. Now let us take a quick look at the benefits this soup would fetch you.

Benefits Of Cabbage Soup Diet

Here are some of the advantages of consuming this healthy cabbage soup. These are as follows:

  1. People suffering from obesity and want to reduce weight quickly should try this soup
  2. Consumption of this soup does not mean you have to starve the rest of the day; you can eat other foods as well.
  3. The ingredients are easily accessible and affordable
  4. It can be prepared by a newbie cook as well, and it is so simple!.
  5. As it is a low carbohydrate diet, it helps in decreasing the level of insulin resistance. 

The Bottom Line

The cabbage soup diet is a low-fat diet and shall ensure you lose weight very rapidly. But you must also keep in mind that this crash diet should not be pushed beyond seven days else; it may affect your health. Make sure to consume it at least 2-3 times every day.

This healthy soup shall prove to be the best short-term diet course you will ever come across regarding losing weight. People suffering from obesity or any other problem related to their weight should try this amazing soup and see your expected results. We promise that you will get your desired figure once you start consuming this soup.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

1.Does this soup have any side effects?

No, there are no side effects to this soup. But if the consumption continues after seven days, it might affect your health.

2. What snacks can be accompanied by the soup?

Baked spinach chips, dried banana chips, peanut butter chocolate energy bites are good as side snacks with the soup. 

3. Can we make slight changes in the ingredients of the soup?

It is generally advised not to make any changes in the soup’s ingredients as this diet soup is for weight loss and not just for taste buds. Moreover, any changes in the ingredients can make the cabbage soup diet ineffective.