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Tasty, healthy, and the nutritious celery juice recipe is here for you

celery juice recipes

Celery juice is known for a host of valuable benefits that help lowers cholesterol, provide natural anti-inflammatory, and improve digestion problems. It can also fight infection and lower blood pressure to a considerable extent. This tasty, healthy, and nutritious recipe is an excellent addition to your daily fitness routine for all the right reasons. 

Let us help you take a look at the best celery juice recipe to make at home quickly, without enough inconvenience. We promise; you are going to love them all!

Your favorite weight loss recipe 

 Most people try a hundred tricks to lose weight properly, but all in vain. Almost every time, people find themselves struggling to lose weight instantly by burning fat. If you are also sick and tired of trying to work things out, we are here for you. 

Celery is one of the best and most nutritious methods of losing weight. The low-calorie juice with rejuvenating ingredients will also leave you activated throughout the day like never before. The incredible flavors provide a taste of paradise and provide lots of nutrients to your body. Potassium and Vitamins are the primary nutrients one can get out of this juice recipe. 

Whether you are looking for something quick to wash down your throat or a hands-down way to kickstart your day, celery juice does the job like no other. The freshness of green apple, ginger, and other ingredients used in various celery juice recipes, make this juice stand out and super-healthy. 

How to make Celery Juice?

 Celery juice requires some simple ingredients that are readily available in almost all households. This recipe that we will list below can serve one person and take just ten minutes to prepare. It can work like magic after a long workout routine. The rich fiber and minerals you can extract out of it further make this one of a kind. 


2 celery sticks 

 1 apple/pear 

 ¼ inch ginger 

 ¼ lemon/lime juice 


  • Before you use the fruits, wash them thoroughly in running water. Especially during the covid times, you have to be exceptionally careful. 
  • Cut the celery into long pieces and peel the apple slices. Also, cut and core apple slices. 
  • Run all of this into a blender and make a juice. 
  • Collect the juice in a container and discard the pulp. 
  • Squeeze lime juice over the juice and stir thoroughly. Transfer it into a glass and drink. 

How to make Celery Ginger Juice Recipe?

Celery ginger juice is as good as any other tasty drink. It is healthy, functional, and yields result in no time. The ingredients are naturally the same as celery, only with a few customizations to add the flavor of ginger. The refreshment it provides is par excellence. 


One small bunch of celery 

 ½ English cucumber 

 One large green apple 

 ½ lemon 

 1-inch knob of ginger


If your juicer has a high and low setting, then run the whole mixture into the soft ground only. 

Later, you can switch it to high and run the apple, lemon, with ginger well into the juicer. Don’t forget to add the ginger. 

How to make a celery lime juice recipe?

Celery lime juice is fresh, nourishing, and delectable. During the hottest days, these come as the perfect way to improve your health in no time. They are loaded with sodium and anti-oxidants that provide many health benefits to you in need. 


Two bunches celery 

 One lime 


Prep the celery by chopping off the base. Put the celery stalks into a colander in your sink. Wash the celery and pat it dry. 

Run the celery and lime through the feeding tube of the juicer. 

Serve the juice.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is celery juice beneficial?

 Yes. It is handy for people in need. 

2. Can I drink celery juice on an empty stomach?

 Yes. You can also drink the juice post-workout in the morning. 

3. How much celery juice is best for drinking?

 You can drink as much as 16 ounces of celery juice.