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Lip-smacking, Instant and Enticing- This Chicken Pasta Recipe Is All You Need

Chicken Pasta

Do you need a dish that can be made in a small amount of time but also fills up the evening growl from your stomach? Chicken Pasta, one of the most loved Chicken snacks for children and adults alike, is a hit with everyone who loves and eats Chicken. It is an excellent source of protein with cheese cream, and Pasta just makes it impossible for anyone not to get enticed by its deliciousness. The Dish is an easy one, which can be made at home without any problems in a short 25 – 30 minutes. The ingredients required are simple and available to everyone, making this mouth-Watering Italian Dish a tasty treat. The best part of it is that not much can go wrong in making the Dish, and it is served worldwide in different forms.

Ingredients Required


Ingredients for chicken pasta

The ingredients required for preparing Chicken Pasta are readily available, and the recipe is easy to understand. The ingredients are as follows: · 

· One cup of Water

· Two tablespoons Salt (increase or decrease according to taste)

· One and half tablespoons Olive Oil

· Half a bowl of Penne Pasta

· Half a cup of Butter

· Half a bowl of Chicken (boiled in Water)

· Two tablespoons of Black Pepper

· One tablespoon of Garlic

· One tablespoon of Celery

· Half a cup of Oregano and Chilli Flakes each

· Half a small bowl, finely cut Carrot

· Half a small bowl of Beans

· Two tablespoon Chicken Stock

· Half a cup of Pasta Water

· One tablespoon of Cream

· Two tablespoons of Shredded Cheese

These are the ingredients that would be used in the following recipe. It is advised to follow the recipe step by step and enjoy the deliciousness afterwards.

Step by Step Recipe

Making pasta chicken

The steps we will be using to make the Dish are extremely easy to understand. You can find the steps below:

1. Take a large steel bowl and put it on the medium flame. Pour the Water you have prepared beforehand and boil it until it simmers.

2. As soon as you see the Water simmering, add salt according to taste, and keep on boiling till the bubble start occurring

3. Pour the Olive Oil into the boiling Water and mix well. The next step is to slowly add the Penne Pasta to the boiling mixture. Keep the flame on medium and let the Pasta boil nicely.

4. Take a non-stick pan and put it on low flame. Put the Butter on it and let it melt.

5. Heat the Butter and add the boiled Chicken to it. This way, Chicken would absorb the Butter and be cooked in it.

6. Sauté the Chicken mixture and add Salt and Black Pepper to taste the Pan. Mix this mixture well. Salt and Black Pepper must be added according to taste not to spoil the Dish.

7. Pour some Olive Oil into the Pan and add Garlic, Celery, Chilli Flakes, And Black Pepper to this mixture. Put the flame on high and keep stirring both the Pasta and the Chicken Mixture.

8. Mix it nicely and add Carrot, Beans, Chicken Stock, and Salt to the cooking chicken mixture.

9. Sauté the mixture well and add Water to it. Cover the lid of the Pan and wait for it to get cooked nicely.

10. Keep stirring the Dish and let it cook until the aroma wafts in the air.

11. The next step is to slowly add Cream and mix the mixture until the colour of the entire Dish turns to a light brown.

12. Keep an eye on the Pasta. The Pasta has been softened and cooked nicely in the boiling Water.

13. Turn the flame off and pick up the Pan and empty all the Water from it and keep the Pasta in a different bowl for it to cool down a bit. This way, the structural integrity of the Pasta is maintained from falling and at the same time making it softer.

14. The Chicken mixture has been cooked to a light brown, and it is the prime time to add the Pasta which was boiled in the Water. Add the Pasta and stir lightly

15. Mix the whole mixture nicely to combine all the flavours contained in the cooked mixture.

16. The next step is to add shredded cheese prepared beforehand and cook a bit further.

17. The smell and aroma of the Dish are rich and fill the air.

18. Turn off the flame and serve the Dish on plates with a bit of garnishing of Oregano and Cheese on top.

19. It is essential to make sure that the Pasta doesn’t get overcooked, and thus maintaining an eye on it is the best that can be done.

20. A lot of vegetables have been added to the Dish. That is something that would count as a judgment call. You can add other vegetables or none at all, depending on your preference.


The Dish is prepared, and it looks and tastes very nice. The aroma and the softness of the crunchy vegetables are something that makes your mouth Water. Chicken Pasta is easy to make and one of the favorite dishes that can be made. It doesn’t require any Wheat flour to make the gravy and is thus a healthy option. It has a lot of vegetables and Chicken, which are a source of protein for the body.

It hardly takes 25 minutes to complete the Dish, and then you can enjoy it with a piece of crunchily cooked garlic bread to add to the taste. The seasoning used is something that would differ from person to person. One needs to make sure that not too much of anything is added. If something like that happens, too much flavour of the spices and seasoning will erupt, masking the deliciousness of the actual Dish.

Here, we have described Chicken Pasta and prepared it in the best and the easiest way. If the recipe was of help, please leave a comment and tell us about your experience.