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Top Chili’s nutrition foods to beat your worst cravings


When we speak of delicious appetizers and Mexican food, Chili’s is the first name to pop up in the mind. This restaurant with over 1600 locations residing in 32 countries across the world has shaken every other eatery by its thighs. With its flavourful aroma and irresistible platting, no man wouldn’t want to hog on every meal on their menu. 

But did you know, that apart from those unhealthy monster burgers and cheese-loaded tacos, healthy meals are also served to ensure Chilis’ nutrition? Here are the top of Chili’s nutrition foods to beat your worst cravings!

1. Ancho Salmon


Salmon as we know, is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that several people want in their diet to improve health. More so, it provides anti-oxidants and tons of protein to stay fit. Thus, one can never go wrong with a plate of salmon. At Chili’s the Ancho Salmon is served with a citrus sauce that is dripped on it to enhance the flavours. It is served with broccoli and brown rice to help you maintain a healthy diet without giving up on your cravings. This meal is the perfect lunch recipe for those who do not want to compromise on their diet.

Wendi’s chili nutrition info is as follows:

Calories- 630

 Fat- 30grams

 Carbs- 42grams 

 Sugar- 5grams

 Protein- 48grams

2. Old Timer Burger with Black Bean Patty


Amidst the lip-smacking list of monstrous burgers, it’s always hard to find something healthy for yourself. But who said you can’t have a burger when you need something healthy? At Chili’s the Old Timer Burger is a classic with minimal calories to help you stay fit. With meatless patty that helps to keep calories at the check, the burger contains a black bean patty which is very beneficial for health.

Wendi’s chili nutrition info is as follows:

Calories- 190

Fat- 7grams

Carbs- 22grams 

Sugar- 2grams

Protein- 17grams

3. Classic Sirloin with Grilled Avocado​


If you’re looking to quench a steak craving, this is just what you should indulge in. With minimal calories, this Avocado recipe is sure to make you come back for more. Packed with essential nutrients, it makes for quite a healthy dining choice for all age groups. With tomatoes on the sides, you can expect some tanginess to enhance the flavour of the dish.

Wendi’s chili nutrition info is as follows:

Calories- 420

 Fat- 21grams

 Carbs- 23grams 

 Sugar- 7grams

 Protein- 38grams

4. Fajitas


We all love a good plate of Fajitas. At Chili’s the Fajitas served are a Paradise on Earth. With delicious shrimps, that are high in protein, tortillas, peppers and onions with a dozen beans, this recipe is to die for. If you cannot eat meat but you crave for one, you can always substitute with this dish. This meal is promising enough to keep you fuller for longer without allowing you to compromise on your healthy eating. The chili powder nutrition content in the dish is also good.

Wendi’s chili nutrition info is as follows:

Calories- 280

 Fat- 12grams

 Carbs- 22grams 

 Sugar- 10grams

 Protein- 25grams

5. Mango-chile chicken


If you love chili powder nutrition in your meals, this is what you should be having right now. Packed with chili spices, chicken and mangoes, this recipe is worth having every day. This delicious recipe is availed with minimal calories and high nutritional content to help you fill your stomach and keep you full for longer hours. The taste of this dish is surely going to help you satisfy your cravings without a pang of guilt.

Wendi’s chili nutrition info is as follows:

 Calories- 490

 Fat- 19grams

 Carbs- 49grams 

 Sugar- 12grams

 Protein- 34grams

6. Grilled Chicken Salad


Although Chili powder nutrition content in this dish is minimal, you’re going to love having this simple salad packed with bell peppers, grilled chicken and lettuce. All the ingredients in this dish are highly healthy and make sure to provide you with a boost of energy for your entire day. It is also a good dining meal since it is light and nutritious. You can also try and customize your salad by adding a few more vegetables. Don’t miss out on that!

Wendi’s chili nutrition info is as follows:

Calories- 190

 Fat- 7grams

 Carbs- 22grams 

 Sugar- 2grams

 Protein- 17grams

7. Southwest Chicken Soup


If you’re looking for a dish that contains green chili nutrition facts, this soup is it! One of the healthiest and minimal calories containing soup, this meal is perfect for a nutritious dining experience. Loaded with Chicken, chili and clam powder, this Soup makes for a good choice for all adults no matter the age.


Calories- 120

 Fat- 5grams

 Carbs- 22grams 

 Sugar- 2grams

 Protein- 5grams

8. Burger Bites


Straight from the kid’s menu, this burger is another amazing meal you can consume when looking for low calories. With minimal green chili nutrition facts content, this dish is perfect for anyone who is looking to keep a check at their health.


 Calories- 410

 Fat- 20grams

 Sugar- 8grams

 Protein- 23grams

9. Chili’s 1975 Tacos


A great lunch combo, Chili’s 1975 Tacos is a great source of nutrients when in need. Perfectly cooked with a mix of sauces and veggies, these Tacos will help you quench your cravings without gaining lump sum calories. Chili nutrition facts homemade, are the best when this dish is considered, so it’s a must-try for all.


Calories- 450

 Fat- 24grams

 Carbs- 22grams 

 Sugar- 5grams

 Protein- 23grams

10. House Salad

House Salad

If you’re looking for the most minimal calories in their menu, this salad recipe is going to be your go-to. House Salad is packed with essential veggies that are going to give you a boost of energy. Whether you want to snack on something or go grab a fine dinner, this House Salad has to be your ultimate go-to.


Calories- 80

 Fat- 3.5grams

 Fibre- 1gram 

 Sugar- 2grams

 Protein- 3grams

The bottom line

Do not forget to consider the Chili’s nutrition before you jump into their restaurant to grab a fancy meal for yourself. You might want to know the calorie count for each, so beware!


1. Is chili’s a healthy choice?

Yes. If you order the right dishes and in the right amounts, it does make for a healthy choice.

2. Can I order the monster burger while I am on a diet?

NO. The monster burger is very heavy on calories and has a high-fat content. This is why it is recommended for you to abstain from it.

3. Is Quesadillas a healthy choice?

No. Since they contain a lot of sodium, calorie and fat, they do not make for a healthy choice at all. However, if you want to consume it, you must do it in low amounts so that you do not harm your healthy diet.