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The Tastiest Chimichanga Recipe As A Mexican Meal


When it comes to different cuisines, Mexican has always been a favourite. Here is another recipe that will give you a delicious meal. The Chimichanga recipe can either be pan-fried or baked with tender chicken. So, the crust you wrap your Mexican filling in is soft yet crispy on the outside. This combination will very soon turn into a family favourite.

What is a Chimichanga?


The Chimichanga has its origins in the southern part of the United Nations. It is a deep-fried burrito; you can pan-fry it or bake it. As a result, the final result is delectable in both ways. Also, Chimichanga recipe is an American-Mexican recipe. You use flour tortilla, add several flavorful ingredients, and filling-mix in this recipe. 

You can add Tomatoes, Avocado, and vegetables on top of or in the chimichanga. After adding everything, you have to wrap up the chimichanga tightly. Once you wrap it, put the chimichanga on the baking sheet and bake it till it is golden brown in colour. After you’ve baked the chimichanga, pull it out of the oven, and add your choice of dressing to it. It can be guacamole or salsa, or any other dressing you like. Serve this, and you have a delectable meal.

Nutritious Chimichanga Recipe Along with the taste, one significant factor that you need to know about a dish is its nutritional value. Keeping track of the nutritional values will help you keep track of your diet. Here

are the nutritional values for four servings of the Chimichanga recipe

Four servings of this recipe have 730kcal, which is 37% of the Daily Value. It also has 49g of Carbohydrates which is 16% of the Daily Value. Next, the recipe has 44g of protein, making up 88% of the Daily Value. It also has 19g of saturated fat, making 95% of the Daily Value. The dish also serves 8g of fibre which is 32% of the Daily Value. The recipe has 487mg of Potassium, making up 14% of the Daily Value for vitamins and minerals. It also has 36% of the Daily Value of Vitamin A. The dish has 5mg iron which is 28% of the Daily Value.

Ingredients of the Chimichanga Recipe


There are not a lot of ingredients needed when you are making this Chimichanga recipe. Here are all the ingredients you need to prepare this delicious meal quickly.

1. Chicken

You need to cook and shred the chicken. You can either choose to prepare it ahead of time or do it on the same day when you try the Chimichanga recipe. This helps in making sure that you have all the ingredients on hand. You will need 2 cups for a serving.

2. Chilli Powder

This is one of the seasonings that you add to the recipe. You need this to give your dish some spice and make it even more flavorful. A tbsp is enough for one serving.

3. Cumin

Another seasoning to add to the dish is Cumin. It gives an earthy flavour to the dish and works on subtle seasoning. Half a tsp will do the trick per serving.

4. Paprika

Paprika as a seasoning gives some colour and warmth to your ingredients. Add one-quarter of a tsp for each serving.

5. Salsa

You can either use your homemade salsa in this dish or the store-bought version. But, as usual, nothing beats homemade. Half a cup shall do the trick.

6. Salt

Add only a pinch of salt to the dish to explore the different arrays of flavours in it. Half tsp should be equivalent to the pinch.

7. Colby Jack Cheese

Use this cheese as it will melt evenly and taste absolutely delish once it’s done. Two cups should be more than enough per serving.

8. Cream Cheese

You can either soften the cheese in the oven for a bit or leave it out at room temp for some time. Soften 2 ounces per serving.

9. Green Onions

This ingredient adds crunch and colour to your dish. It also adds a zing and a zest to the flavour of the Chimichanga recipe. Chop two tbsp per serving.

10. Refried Beans

You taste this subtle ingredient in every bite, uplifting the flavour. 1.15 ounces should be more than enough for a serving of the Chimichanga recipe.

11. Burrito Sized Tortilla

This is obviously an essential ingredient. The bigger you can get, the better it will be when it comes to tortillas.

12. Olive Oil

The final ingredient for this delicious dish is Olive oil. You need to brush a little bit of it on the top of the tortilla to get yourself the golden glow. One tbsp Olive oil is all you will need.

Step-by-Step Guide to The Chimichanga Recipe


The Chimichanga recipe is pretty easy to prepare as long as you stick to the steps. In less than a half-hour, you can have this delicious dish prepared. Here are the steps:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is preheat the oven to 400 degrees. While your oven is preheating, take a medium-sized bowl. In this medium-sized bowl, mix your chicken with the seasonings. Chilli powder, paprika, salsa, cream cheese, Cumin, salt, cheese, and green onions. Taste your chicken after you’ve seasoned it.

Step 2

Next, take two tbsp of refried beans onto the tortilla. Place it two inches from the edge of the tortilla. After this, add half a cup of the meat mixture and put it into the middle of the tortilla. To fold the tortilla, turn the sides and roll up the bottom. You can place the chimichanga down on the baking sheet. Make sure that the seam side faces downwards.

Step 3

After placing the tortillas on the baking sheet, brush them with Olive oil on the top for a golden brown colour. You need to bake the tortilla for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Pan Fry The Chimichanga

Another option when preparing the Chimichanga recipe is to pan-fry it. The process of pan-frying is simple. You need to add a tbsp of oil to a medium-sized skillet. In this medium-sized skillet, add the chimichanga skin. Make sure that the side is facing downwards. After that, you just need to fry the chimichanga on each side until golden brown. The chimichanga will also turn crispy in 2-3 minutes on each side.

The Bottom Line 

To conclude, the Chimichanga recipe is very easy to prepare and is an array of flavours when prepared well. So, try this recipe out today and enjoy a delicious Mexican meal.