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Unleash the facts about Dairy Queen Nutrition


Healthy eating has become a genuine concern for most people in the contemporary era. But shrugging off the cravings is a massive problem. In that case, what does a person do? Well, Dairy Queen is the answer! 

Dairy Queen is a multinational chain of soft-serve ice-cream and fast-food restaurants that focuses on serving their meals with a healthy twist. Today, we are going to discuss all about the dairy queen nutrition to fathom its benefits.

The healthy road to tasty eating

The company which started out with banana splits, milkshakes, ice-creams and malts has been in the business for 70 years, trying to experiment with healthy food choices for its customers. Most of the dishes in their menu provide a maximum limit of 500 calories. Even the dairy queen breakfast nutrition is commendable here. This number of calories is quite low to the amount that is served in most fast-food restaurants. Aside from this, Dairy Queen also offers 100% pure quality beef hamburgers with no additives, fillers or extenders that might enhance the detriments in the dish. This way, Dairy Queen’s food services keep health at the check and avoids using many unhealthy ingredients that most eating centres usually practice. More so, the soft-serve here contain reduced fat and gluten-free content to minimize health problems among clients.

The dairy queen fries nutrition is also very good as they make a point to use vegetable oils instead of other adulterated oils that affect the body awfully. Dishes like a Grilled chicken sandwich, salads and a side salad are some of the best choices found here that ensure healthiness. This traditional firm thus stands out with its smooth texture, amazing food quality and nutritional check.

8 most nutritious dishes in Dairy Queen

If you are a regular at Dairy Queen it is important for you to be aware of the right food choices you make there. Not only will this help you to ensure your health but will also keep you away from several health conditions and help you know the nutritional facts about them.

Strawberry Sundae


If you can’t stop gobbling on the Strawberry Sundae at this place, it’s essential to have the dairy queen dessert nutrition facts at check. The velvety, pink soft-serve, is an incredible dessert as long as you avoid garnishing of chocolate sauce and nuts that add to the calories. With 230 calories, 31grams of sugar, 90milligrams of sodium and 4.5. grams of saturated fat, Sundae is deserving of the timely cravings. Consume it in small amounts and you’re good to go!

2. Hamburger


The burger served here is another dish to keep hogging forever. This lip-smacking meal is prepared in such a way, that it contains only 320 calories, 14grams of fat and 6grams of saturated fat that are quite healthy compared to the Hamburgers served at other fast-food restaurants. The dairy queen fries nutrition is thus very good and makes everyone come back for more.

3. Banana Split


Royal’s treats like the banana split here are ‘Paradise on Earth’ for most dessert lovers. The banana split dairy queen nutrition is also remarkable as it offers only 520 calories, 14grams of fat and 9grams of saturated fat. Aside from this, even the sodium and sugar levels are quite low, marking it a safe choice for all.

4. Grilled Chicken BLT Salad


Another dish that helps keep the dairy queen fries nutrition at check is the grilled chicken BLT salad served here. Amidst an array of chicken options, this one has minimal calories and 11grams of fat that make it a healthy choice. It also contains 4.5 grams of saturated fat, 980milligrams of sodium and 12grams of carbohydrate that keep the detrimental contents at minimal. So, you can never go wrong with this dish here!

5. Side salad


Amidst the many breakfast dishes here, Side salad is a mass favourite. The dairy queen breakfast nutrition for this dish offers only 25calories, 0grams of fat, 15milligrams of sodium, which is by far, the best breakfast meal. Not only does this side salad help keep you fuller for longer but also makes for a delicious combination when teamed with other healthy food choices.

6. Dilly Bar


If you’ve been craving a novelty treat, Dilly Bar is going to be all you’ve ever asked for! This delectable dessert is another one straight from the menu that contains some amazing dairy queen dessert nutrition facts. As it is made of no sugar, it is an immediate pick from the menu. More so, the 200 calories, 12 grams of fat and 9grams of saturated fat that make it an extremely nutritious choice, intensify its demand.

7. Summer berry cheesecake blizzard


Aside from the banana split dairy queen nutrition, even this dessert provides a good nutritional value of its own. With 320 calories, 12grams of fat, 37grams of sugar and 150milligrams of sodium, it makes for another stunning dessert pick for all age groups.

8. Vanilla soft serve


Among the dairy queen dessert nutrition facts, the nutritional value of Vanilla is one to die for! This soft serve contains only 5grams of milk fat which is an excellent choice for most people who demand vegan desserts. With 170 calories, 4.5. grams of fat and 3grams of saturated fat, it stands as an unmatched dessert in terms of nutritional value.

The bottom line

Dairy Queen is a super healthy restaurant choice. Not only does it offer an array of lip-smacking dishes but it also ensures high nutritional value of each food served here. By abstaining from the use of fillers, additives and other detrimental ingredients, it promises to help its customers maintain good health. Do not forget to try out at least a few of the 8 nutritious meals at Dairy queen that have been mentioned above in the article for your reference. Good luck!


1. Is Dairy Queen’s Banana Split healthy?

Yes. The Banana split dairy queen nutrition is extremely high in value. You can check it above.

2. Do you ensure serving meals according to the client’s allergies and food intolerances?

It is almost impossible to guarantee to keep each client’s allergies and food intolerances in mind when in the restaurant but we do accept slight customizations when in urgent need.

3. What are the healthy options for breakfast at Dairy Queen?

The dairy queen breakfast nutrition is quite good. Hamburgers, side salad and even Banana split are some of the best breakfast choices. You can check out the website for more breakfast choices.

4. Does Dairy Queen serve ice-creams?

Technically not. We serve soft serves that are an excellently healthy substitute for ice-creams.