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Del Taco Nutrition Menu: What to & what not to eat guide and Why?


• Introduction

Have you heard of Taco Bell? If yes, then you can think of Del Taco as a distant relative of the same. Also, it’s one of those handfuls of places where you can have Taco and a Burger together. And not only that but it also offers quite an extensive menu which will surely leave you in the dilemma of choice! But as the saying goes not all that glitters is gold, similarly not all the mouth-watering items offered at Del Taco American custom Mexican cuisine/menu is great for your fitness regime. And so, we are going to conduct a deep analyse on Del Taco nutrition value and filter out all the unhealthy options available from it.

• History Flashback:

Del Taco was first established by Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson in Yermo, CA back in 1964. At first, the Restaurant featured only a handful of items in its menu such as Tacos, Cheese Burgers, Fries and Tostadas. But later on, Del Taco became quite popular and extended itself from a single franchise to over 100 franchises by 1978. This geographic expansion invited addition in the Del Taco menu as well. The menu came to include more items such as Ice-cream Sundaes, Bun Taco and Quesadilla.

Owing to the increasing popularity of Del Taco, it decided to merge with Naugles Restaurant Chain which not only led to its geographic and physical expansion but in working hours as well. In 1988, Del Taco finally began to operate 24/7. With its growing popularity and adaption to 24/7 lifestyle, Del Taco welcomed a new logo with several strategies and customer satisfaction surveys which brought about great transitional changes in the field of casual restaurants.

By the 2000s, Del Taco expanded itself to 500 restaurants and added desserts items in its menus such as Caramel and Cheesecake bites. Later, it launched the Taco Super Special Show along with The Del Taco, the Buck & Under Menu to attract the new-age audience.

• Del Taco Nutrition Menu:

Let’s glance over Del Taco Nutrition Menu and what Del Taco has to offer to be an American custom Mexican Restaurant:

• Platos:

Del-taco-nutrition-platos with Beans,chips,Salsa

Platos are entrees dishes that consists of Beans, Chips, Salsa, Chicken and vegetables etc., paired with rice. Del Taco Nutrition menu includes Carne Wet Burrito Plato and Chicken Verde Wet Burrito Plato.

• Tacos & Tostada:


Tacos & Tostada are wrap-ups filled with Taco sauce, Lettuce, Cheddar cheese, slow-cooked beans and beef etc., in warm tortilla flour. Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 10 different ranges of Tacos & Tostada such as Flatbread Tacos, Value Taco and The Del Taco etc.

• Burritos:


Burritos are also wrap-ups with fillings of beef, slow-cooked beans, chicken, cheese and rice etc. Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 19 different ranges of Tacos & Tostada such as Beyond 8 layer Burrito, Chicken rollers, Chicken Crunch Burrito and Del’s BRC Burrito etc.

Handcrafted Salads:


Del Taco Nutrition menu includes two different handcrafted salads namely Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad and Signature Taco Salad.

• Burgers & Fries:


Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 7 different items of Burgers and fries such as Double Del Cheese Burger, Bacon Double Del Cheese Burger, Queso Loaded Fries and Chilli Cheddar Firs etc.

• Quesadillas & Nachos:

Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 7 different kind of Quesadillas & Nachos such as Chips & Queso Dip, 3 layer Queso Nachos, Mini Cheddar Quesadilla and Chicken Quesadilla Snacker etc.

• Deserts and Shakes:

Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 14 different Deserts, Shakes and Sides items such as Mini Churro Dipper Shake, Donut Bites, Mini Churros and Caramel Cheesecake Bites etc.

• Combo Fiesta Pack:


Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 14 different Combo fiesta pack which are a mixture of Del Taco Burrito, Quesadilla & Nachos, and Burgers & Fries along with drinks.

• Kid’s Meal:

Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 4 different items such as Quesadilla Kid Loco Meal, Bean & Cheese Burrito Kid Loco Meal, Value Taco Kid Loco Meal and Hamburger Kid Loco Meal.

• Drinks:


Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 7 different items such as Simply Orange, Real Strawberry Lemonade, Prima Java Iced Coffee and Prima Java Coffee etc.

• Breakfast:


Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 14 different combos for its breakfast menu which are a mixture of Del Taco Burrito, Quesadilla and desserts along with drinks

• Fresca Bowls:


Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 2 different items such as Pollo Asado with Avocado Bowl and Avocado Veggie Bowl.

• Del’s Dollar Deals Menu:


Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 14 different items which are mixture an of Del Taco Burrito, Quesadilla & Nachos desserts and drinks

• Vegetarian & Vegan:

Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 22 different items of all the vegetarian and vegan options of its menu excluding beef, chicken and dairy products etc.

• Fresh Faves Box Meal:

Del Taco Nutrition menu includes 2 different items namely Triple Chicken Box and Sampler box

• Del Taco Nutrition Facts:

What to eat and what not to.

Well, now that we have glanced over the Del Taco Nutrition menu. Let’s start to filter out what we need to avoid and what we can choose. This will also help you to maintain your fitness track and avoid all the unnecessary & excessive fat and sugar which can harm the body.

Below is a table showing all the nutritive options that one can always go for on its left side and all the unhealthy or comparatively less nutritional options that we need to and can avoid on its right side.

Nutritional options

  • Crunchy Value Taco (Tacos & Tostadas)
  • Mini Cheddar Quesadilla (Quesadillas)
  • Avocado Veggie Bowl (Salads & Fresca Bowls)
  • Kid’s menu Hamburger (Burgers)
  • Original Chicken Roller (Burritos)
  • Kid’s menu Hamburger (Burgers)
  • Layer Queso Nachos (Nachos)
  • Cinnamon Churros (Desserts)
  • Gold Peak Iced Tea (Drinks)
  • Kid’s menu Crinkle-cut Fries (Sides)

Egg and cheese Breakfast Roller (Breakfast)

Non/less Nutritional options

  • Platos
  • Nachos
  • Fiesta Packs
  • Flatbread Taco with Carne Asada (Tacos & Tostadas)
  • Chicken Cheddar Quesadilla (Quesadillas)
  • Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad (Salads & Fresca Bowls)
  • Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger (Burgers)
  • Epic Steak and Potato Burrito (Burritos)
  • Carne Asada Fries (Fries)
  • Caramel Cheesecake Bites (Dessert)
  • Prima Java Iced Coffee (Drinks)

Huevos Rancheros epic Burrito (Breakfast)

Why you need to avoid no/less healthy options in Del Taco Nutrition Menu?

– Avoid all the available Platos, Nachos and Fiesta packs if possible, unless you have a party to throw or an occasion to celebrate.

– The same goes for all the drinks with a higher amount of Sugar in them unless you are a case of either low blood sugar or in dire need of some.

– Also, avoid any item in the menu with too much cheese filling and go for crunchy/ crispy Tacos in Del Taco Menu as they contain fewer calories than the Soft-bread one.

– Be careful of Del Taco Salads & Fresca Bowls as the amount of Iodine is rather high in them. Avoid them completely if possible for both the options are rather high in Calories and Fats content

– Try to add more veggies in Burritos to reduce their Fat content for they can quite be a smart meal option, one can go for.

– As for the Burgers, there isn’t much of a healthy choice in Del Taco Menu. So, try to go for the least calories and fat one such as Kid’s menu Hamburger Kid Loco Meal. Just enough to cure your cravings for one.

– The same goes for the sides as well, try looking at the Kid’s Menu in case you are craving for some.

– As for drinks, Bottled Water is always the best option to go for. For additional information, you can also refer to the Del Taco Nutrition chart in its Official Website.

• Allergy Alert:

Del Taco provides a very useful chart that can refer to read about the available food allergens in its items. However, it must be kept in mind that even though you might be not allergic to a specific dish but might show symptoms of it. For it was prepared near an allergen or on the same utensils/surface as the allergen. Following are the allergens present in Del Taco Menu items:

– Eggs

– Gluten

– Monosodium glutamate

– Milk

– Milk

– Peanuts

– Fish

– Shellfish

– Tree Nuts

– Soy

• Some Plant-based and Vegan Options:

Del Taco also offers a range of Vegan and Vegetarian items, which is good to option to switch to reduce excessive fat/calorie intake. Available Vegetarian and Vegan items on the Del Taco menu are as follows:

• Vegetarian Menu items:

– Beyond Taco

– Beyond 8 Layer Burrito

– Bean and Cheese Burrito

– Crunch Tada Tostada

– Epic Beyond Cali Burrito

– Spicy Jack/Cheddar Quesadilla

• Vegan Menu Items:

– Avocado Veggie Bowl

– Beyond Avocado Taco

– Hash Brown Stick

– Crinkle-Cut Fries

• Conclusion:

Del Taco Menu, what are the healthy options and how to filter them? Simply avoid all the items which consists of way too much of Cheese, Dairy, Fat, Calories and Sodium. For taken in unreasonable amount might make your diet plan not only ineffective but also might disturb your fitness regime, rendering it useless. If you have never thought in that way, then you must. Hence, try to refer to the Del Taco Nutrition table in the official website of Del taco before ordering. For believe it or not these simple mistakes disturbs our metabolism working which in turns leads to ineffectiveness of our diet plan and fitness regime. Want to know more? And how exactly to go for more nutritional items in Del Taco Menu?