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Does Soda Count as Fluid?

does soda count as fluid

Have you ever wondered whether Soda counts as fluid when you’re trying to measure your fluid intake for the day and realize that you don’t know the answer to that? Well, we have the answer right here for you.

Everybody knows that the buzz around this fizzy liquid is not of the good kind. It just might be ranked as the worst drink from being held responsible for the risk of type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, heart disease, and early death (Woah!). Of course, that isn’t our personal opinion; it’s Harvard who recommends that people limit their Soda intake as much as possible. However, it couldn’t possibly hurt that much and would even count towards the fluid intake. Or would it? Let’s find out!

Considering that this sugar-sweetened beverage is a liquid, many wonder if it will also hydrate. Of course, hydration is important for our body as it regulates our body temperature, plays a role in eliminating wastes, and keeps our joints proper and working, not focusing on it can prove a mistake. What makes replenishment important is that you are losing as much as 3 quarts of water every day. Research indicates that even 1-2 % dehydration can cause impaired cognitive performance. It is recommended that men get about 3.7 L of fluid per day and women, about 2.7 L. Some of this intake is through food which means that men need 3.0 L and women 2.2 L of fluids in a day.

Water is the best source for this fluid intake, but does beverages such as Soda count as well, and if yes, how much?

Comparing Soda to Water

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Comparing nutrition, water is considerably better for your body than any beverage. A regular Cola has 11-12 ounces of water which means almost 89% of it is water in a can. However, what’s to note is that this can of regular Soda is sweetened with sugar to the extent that the 12 ounces of water can contain sugar equivalent to 9 teaspoons of it as per USDA. Diet Soda might be calorie-free, just like water, but it can’t have health benefits just like water in any condition. It might have health risks instead. It is found that women who are post-menopausal and drink more than two diet Sodas in a day had a 29% higher risk of heart diseases and a 23% higher risk of stroke compared to those who rarely or never drink Diet Soda. Another critical fact to note is that many Sodas include caffeine, linked with frequent urination, thus using up the fluid intake. Nevertheless, caffeinated or non-caffeinated Soda counts the same regarding fluid intake.

Nutritional Facts About Soda

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Now that we’ve compared Soda to Water, let’s talk about Soda and its nutritional facts. Regular Soda is very high in calories, and added sugar is commonly the source for almost all. High fructose corn starch is usually the form in which this added sugar is present in Soda. Let’s talk in numbers to understand these nutritional facts better. A can of 12 oz Soda contains 155 calories, and almost 147 of it is in the form of added sugar. Also, a 12oz Soda has 45 mg of caffeine, which is twice the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. Even though low-sugar or healthier Sodas are becoming common in the market, they are not much or any better if considered from a nutritional view. Next up is diet Soda, which is technically supposed to be free from calories, but this does not make it a better choice from a nutritional standpoint. Artificial sweeteners have been revealed to increase the craving for several unhealthy foods and increase waist margin.

Soda: Is It Hydrating?

Since carbonated water is the main ingredient in Soda, it gives Soda certain hydrating features even if some of its other elements are not up to the ideals of common ingredients. These elements aid in removing water from the body because of additives such as sodium, and caffeine, which is diuretics. Even if Soda should not be considered a fluid source, it can still be counted in your hydration goals. So, Soda counts as fluid but so do other beverages without Soda’s sugar and caffeine.

Is Seltzer or Soda More Hydrating?

When comparing Seltzer and Soda, Seltzer is the better choice in all aspects. It is only a little bit more hydrating than Soda, but it also does not have artificial sweeteners or added sugar than Soda does. Seltzer is also naturally free of caffeine. Another pro to seltzer is that it can also be used as an alternative to Soda if you’re trying to reduce, avoid, or break the habit of it. It gives the required thirst-quenching fizzy and cold feeling and has several appealing flavours on the market.

Soda: Just A Hydrating Fluid?

Now that we’ve discussed that Soda counts as a hydrating fluid, if we can ignore all of its other very unhealthy ingredients, let’s see if it has any health benefits except this. The answer is no. Soda has no benefits when it comes to your health. It doesn’t matter if you choose diet or regular, non-caffeinated or caffeinated; the health effects of Soda are always adverse. 

Harvard points out that along with all that sugar, Soda also has high phosphate levels, which is researched to have adverse effects on the body, such as decreased bone health. The acid and the sugar in them are very unhealthy for your teeth as they can lead to cavities and tooth enamel erosion. The acid in the Soda breaks the teeth’ enamel and leaves it open to cavities. 

The sugar makes the number of bacteria so much higher, whose presence in the mouth leads to the creation of acids that damage the enamel by feeding on the mouth. Soda also makes weight loss an arduous journey as its daily consumption will lead to the daily intake of enormous amounts of sugar, making the body gain weight. Soda is also synced to a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, overweight, gout, and heart diseases when it is consumed regularly. All of this makes it clear that even if Soda counts for hydration, your best option is to avoid and control its consumption, just like Harvard suggested.

How to minimize Soda Intake

If you find yourself consuming too much Soda and are looking for a way to slowly cut back or entirely stop, replacing it with seltzer is a great option. You can make the conscious choice of picking up a seltzer every time you reach for a Soda. If you find the flavour of seltzer plain, you can also add fresh or frozen fruit, fresh mint, or citrus juice to it for flavour. The best part about seltzer is that it can be counted towards your fluid intake, contains no added sugar, and gives you a fizzy feel without messing with your health and well-being.

Final Word

So, finally, to answer the question Does Soda Count as Fluid, yes it does but any other beverage on the market, absolutely any, is better than Soda from a nutritional standpoint. Both artificially or sugar-sweetened Soda products have disastrous effects on your body and health. Instead, it would help if you focused on choosing a beverage that can fulfil your hydration goals without harming your body on the way.