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Domino’s Nutrition: Tested and Busted! Pizza, a web of ‘Calories’



Feeling hungry? Or want to grab something cheesy yet crunchy? Don’t worry at all! Domino’s has got your back for every scenario and guess what? It’s Pizza-licious and a treat for your pocket at the same time. Domino’s has been a household name in every Pizza lover house. It’s nutritious, delicious and pocket-friendly or so it claims. What if Domino’s nutrition isn’t exactly how it says or shows you? And that of all the other popular Pizza brand as well. Is it even possible? Yes, it’s possible and has been proven too.

And so, we are critically going to analyse the same claims and deemed them as innocent or busted. After all, as the saying goes never judge pizza nutrition from its nutrition chart!

A little flashback:

Domino’s brand is owned by Jubilant FoodWorks Limited which again is a fraction of Jubilant Bhartia Group founded by Shyam S Bhartia and Hari S Bhartia. Currently, the Company deals and has a vast contribution in the field of Food Service, Food, Life Science Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals, Performance Polymers, Drug Discovery, Auto, Aerospace Consultancy and Oilfield sectors. It is also the parent of three flagship Companies namely, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, Jubilant Industries Limited and Jubilant Life Sciences Limited.

Apart from it, the Jubilant FoodWork Limited which is a fraction of Jubilant Bhartia Group is one of cosmic food brand in India and that on International level excluding the US. The Company owns various International and household brands such as Domino’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Hong’s Kitchen in different cuisine segment. The Company launched its first Domino’s Franchise in Delhi back in January 1996. And today, it operates more than 1,300 Pizza outlets in India and Sri Lanka as well as Bangladesh through subsidiary companies/brands.

Domino’s Nutrition facts: Boom & Busted!

Well, if you are a fan of Pizzas and all the more of Domino’s than beware for, ‘never judge pizza nutrition from its nutrition chart’. Even if it is that of Domino’s. Why? For it looks like you have been gulping down way more calories than that has been claimed or displayed by the Company or to be more precise by Domino’s. But first, let’s take a stroll across its Signature menu!


– Double Cheese Margherita

– Farm House

– Peppy Paneer

– Mexican Green Wave

– Deluxe Veggie

– Veg Extravaganza

– Cheese N Corn

Paneer Makhani

– Veggie Paradise

– Fresh Veggie

– Indi Tandoori Paneer

– Pepper Barbeque Chicken

– Chicken Sausage

– Chicken Golden Delight

– Non-Veg Supreme

– Chicken Dominator

– Pepper Barbeque & Onion

– Chicken Fiesta

– Indi Chicken Tikka

-Pizza Mania (Tomato/Veg  Loaded/Cheesy/Capsicum/Onion/Golden Corn/Paneer & Onion/Cheese N Tomato)

So, that was all about Domino’s Nutrition and menu. Now the question arises, what’s exactly wrong with the nutrition content? Simple! It’s fake and has been boom & busted. All the above mentioned Domino’s Pizzas has been found and tested with way more Calorie, Fat, Carbs and Protein content than guaranteed and exaggerated by the Pizza’s makers. And that’s not only the case with Domino’s nutrition but with many other popular Pizza’s brands as well. Glance over the following tables with busted facts & Figurines of Domino’s nutrition along with other popular pizza brand nutrition as well:

Domino’s Nutrition


  Contended Boom & Busted
Calories 290 380
Carbs 35 g 41 g
Fat 11 g 11 g
Protein 12 g  17 g
Calories Content in 1 Slice  310 Calories Intake

Well, that was only a trailer, the whole movie is about to unroll itself below starring popular Pizza brands such as Pizza Hut; Little Caesars and Papa John’s.

Pizza Hut Nutrition:


  Contended Boom & Busted
Calories 350 386
Carbs 35 g 43 g
Fat 17 g 14 g
Protein 14 g 13 g
Calories Content in 1 Slice  310 Calories Intake

Little Caesars Nutrition:


  Contended Boom & Busted
Calories 250 310
Carbs 32 g 43 g
Fat 9 g 9 g
Protein 12 g 14 g
Calories Content in 1 Slice 310 Calories Intake

Papa John’s Nutrition:



  Contended Boom & Busted
Calories 290 326
Carbs 37 g 44 g
Fat 10 g 10 g
Protein 11 g 14 g
Calories Content in 1 Slice 310 Calories Intake

Some Interesting facts about Domino’s nutrition:

Some interesting facts about Domino’s nutrition are listed below:

Domino’s nutrition Crust & Slice:


Domino’s nutrition crust can help you to cut back some calories. While a hand-tossed Pizza contains about 250-300 Calories, a thin crust Pizza contains relatively less Calorie content about 200 Calories. And as for Dominos nutrition Slice while even a small slice of an Italian Sausage Pizza has about 350-400 Calories Content, a large slice of Domino’s nutrition Cheese Burst pizza contents about 250 Calories/slice. So, what’s a smart choice? Decide for yourself!

Domino’s nutrition Ingredients:

Domino’s nutrition Pizza contains the following ingredients:

– All-Purpose Flour

– Yeast

– Sugar

– Salt

– Soybean Oil/Vegetable Oil along with loads of hard kneading.

As for the Pizza Sauce of Domino’s nutrition, it’s a house specialty. While Dominos nutrition offers quite a variety of toppings and ingredients to go with (Veg & Non-veg). Try opting for more greens and veg/vegan option after all our parents’ advice to include more greens and veggies in our diet isn’t just for nought.

Domino’s nutrition Sides & Drinks:

Domino’s nutrition Sides & Drinks consists of Pastas’, Sandwiches, Chicken Wings, Cheese/Garlic Bread and Coke etc. The Calories Content of Pasta ranges about 1200- 1450 Calories, Sandwiches about 700-900 Calories, Salads (Without toppings) about 100-150 Calories, Chicken Wings about 200-300 Calories, Desserts about 300-400 Calories and Cheese/Garlic Bread about 100-120 Calories.

How to make a smarter choice? Your Domino’s Nutrition Guide & Tips:

The fact that renowned Brands nutrition charts are as true as one’s reflection in the mirror seems like an exaggeration now. For if popular and household Pizza Brand like Domino’s nutrition charts boom & busted speaks for itself with no explanation needed what so ever! So, what to do now? How to order wisely?

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight. No matter what, Domino’s nutrition is unparalleled. Period. Whether it’s as Domino’s nutrition states, “Rishton ka Time”, Promotion at Office treat, Topped in a Class treat or an after a day of hard work treat. Domino’s nutrition or to be more precise Domino’s Pizza treat is a must either you eat it all by yourself or with your family. And not to mention the feasibility, pocket-friendliness and it’s delivery accuracy which makes it a household Pizza brand. But what about the exaggerated lies of Domino’s nutrition? Well, for that one can use the tips listed below:

– Let’s start with carb content and how to control it. No matter how much they contend, the carbs content in all the popular brand Pizza is one and same including Domino’s nutrition, Papa’s John, Little Caesars and Pizza Hut. So, make sure whenever you crave a Pizza, try always to order a thin crust one. Why?

– Well, that’s because Thin Crust Pizza tends to contain less than the thicker ones. Compromising a bit on the Pizza texture can save you about 80-90 carbs.

– As for the Calories cheat and hack. You will have to say goodbye to your favourite Pepperoni, Salami and Sausages. As their fat content is slightly higher than the other ingredients. Instead, if possible try to order home delivery of Cheese Pizza at Domino’s.

– And add your home-cooked Chicken Strips on the top of Dominos nutrition Cheese Burst/Cheese Pizza to avoid more of Fat and quench your Carnivorous cravings.

– It not only reduces fat content but also increases your Protein Content instead.

– As for the fat content, rest assured brands like Domino’s nutrition, per se, instructs its employee to chucks out as much quantity of toppings on the Pizza. And so, the fat content in Dominos nutrition and all the other popular Pizza are the same as they contend.

– However, it doesn’t give you an incentive to gulp down the fat drowned topping and ingredients in the Domino’s nutrition. Instead, try to act wisely over your cravings and drooling and order your Pizza with as less content of Cheese as possible. For it can almost cut about 60 Calories per slice of Dominos nutrition.

– In the end, it all comes down to the amount of portion that you intake. So, try to order ‘small’ Domino’s nutrition along with other tips keeping in mind.

– And if it’s impossible to follow all the above tips over your Dominos nutrition drooling then try the Ultimate trick. SHARE. Order the Small Dominos nutrition and Share it with your family or friends to stick to your fitness regime. After all, sharing is caring for your fitness & diet regime!


Although the inconsistency on the Contended Domino’s nutrition isn’t much the slight to extreme inconsistency causes very much damage to your diet and fitness regime. The best way to stay faithful to your regime will be to sacrifice your Domino’s nutrition craving which is not possible. So try to be as vigilant as possible for even the smallest blunders might cause you a week worth extreme diet and exercise. Hence, try to include as much as veggies toppings on your Domino’s nutrition instead of non-vegetable toppings. Switch over to thin crust and reduce the amount of Cheese and fatty toppings of Sausages over your Domino’s nutrition. And if possible try to keep your Domino’s nutrition cravings at bay or go for all-out sharing. Order the ‘small’ pizza of Domino’s nutrition and share it as much as possible, only gulping enough to quench your cravings. As for your meat cravings, try ordering Domino’s nutrition thin-crust Cheese Pizza home delivery and serving it with your home-cooked chicken strips just the right amount.

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