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Dragon Fruit: Fruit or Dragon, Sweet or Sour

dragon fruit

The name confuses us by its initials, But it’s a Fruit. It has bright red skin with green scales which looks like a dragon. Hence, it is called Dragon Fruit.   We might get a bit scared to try this out.   However, It’s sweet, crispy, and beautiful fruit.  It has spikes on the outer body but is juicy from the inside. The seed of this fruit makes it crispier. One must try this fruit out if you are a fruit lover. The taste is quite close to that of a Kiwi and Pear.    This fruit is grown mainly in Mexico, Southern, and Central America. Though it’s now available all over the world. The other names of dragon fruit are Strawberry Pear, Pitaya, or Pitahaya.  It has black tiny seeds like that of kiwi. And once chopped it looks so elegant and soothing. It’s soft in holding as that of the flower.

Looking for a perfect meal buffet, our Salad is incomplete without Dragon Fruit. It looks ravishing that it adds beauty to the buffet. One cannot resist himself without having this on the  plate. It gives a rich look besides its scary name. Moreover, large varieties are available of their kind. The common variety is red pulp but this fruit is also available in yellow color and white pulp. It provides various nutrients and is a rich source of iron, magnesium, and fiber. Besides its range, some varieties have a sour taste as well. Its rich look and taste make you fall in love with this fruit in very little time. For winning the heart of your guest this fruit is a must to add to your cooking list. This fruit belongs to the cactus family called Hylocereus. The people of America are enjoying its taste for 100 years.

Various Varieties of Dragon Fruit

 This fruit can be damaged if kept on freezing below -2 degrees C However, can be recovered rapidly. Plenty of varieties are available but mainly we can find as mentioned below: –

  1. Hylocereus Undatus (also known as Pitaya Blanca) : It’s ravishing pink or red in color with green scales from the outside and white pulp with black crunchy seeds inside.
  2. Hylocereus Costaricensis (also known as Pitaya Roja) – It looks reddish-pink and green scales from the outside with red pulp and black crispy seed from inside.
  3. Hylocereus Megalanthus (known as Pitaya Amarilla) – It looks amazing with its yellow skin and green scales from the outside with white pulp and black seeds.

The season starts from June till September every year. Though August is the peak month of its production. Whereas Hylocereus Megalanthus grows mostly in the winter season in the month of November. Even the flower of this red fruit can be cooked and also be eaten like a vegetable. This fruit can be used in many ways. We can get many products out of it like juices, ice creams, pastries, pulp, yogurt. It also includes products like fruit bars, Jelly, marmalade. We can grow in any type of soil However; they grow well in draining soils. It requires very less water to grow  . Though it grows mainly in the tropical region but can be purchased worldwide. This fruit is 4.5 inches thick with scales and soothing pulp along with numerous seeds. It grows on climbing cactus. In southeast Asia, It is brought by the French in the 19th century.

Health – The most important concern of today’s life

In today’s life, people think that being healthy is difficult. Though it only needs to adopt a healthy diet.

Talking about fruits we cannot resist talking about Dragon fruit benefits: –

  1. Reduce Heart Attack – This fruit works as an antioxidant . Its seeds provide omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, thus removing bad  cholesterols. Therefore, It reduces the risk of a heart attack.
  2. Helps to Increase Immunity – This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B which later helps to increase the immune system.
  3. Reduces Blood Sugar – This fruit is rich in fiber which helps to reduce sugar and body weight. It also repairs the damaged cells which help to make insulin. 
  4. Good for Skin Due to being rich in Vitamins and antioxidant’s it helps in reducing age spots, wrinkles and makes your skin glow.
  5. Can Control Anemia – It’s rich in Iron so help in increasing hemoglobin.

Selecting The Best One

When out at the grocery store select the heaviest one. More the heavy more the juiciest. Must try to squeeze a little bit by your thumb to check if it’s ripe. But at the same time, it should not be too soft. You will feel the wings dry when it’s ripe and a bit palled yellow. The pink dragon is sweeter than the white one.

Cutting And Enjoying Its flavors

It looks hard to cut but actually can be peeled off easily. Cut in half with a sharp knife and then can slice into pieces in any shape you like. You can easily scoop out the pulp. Can enjoy its taste with a variety of recipes.

  • Can blend it to make a smoothie.
  • Cut and eat as a raw fruit.
  • Can add floured yogurt and nuts in cubical slices.
  • Can make salsa.
  • Can enjoy delicious dragon fruit ice cream.
  • Can mix with other fruits to make a perfect salad dressing  
  • Can squeeze it to juice.
  • Can garnish it with grapes, honey, and apples to make it more ravishing.
  • Can make a Puree Can make fruit bars

Are there any Side effects of eating Dragon fruit?

Like every other, it also has some side effects like: –

  • Pee can be turned in pink color but gradually come back to its normal color once the stomach is clear.
  • Eating in excess may harm your body. Excessive eating, if antioxidants are harmful.
  • May give some allergic reactions to your skin

But these all-side effects are prone only if we are eating the fruit in excess. We all are familiar with the saying excess of everything is bad.

Eating it in the right way and in the right form will surely help us. This fruit has a tendency even to cure cancer due to its high sources of vitamins and minerals. Eating this fruit will certainly give you a healthy diet and is moth watering g for your taste buds.