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Edamame – An Immature Soybean


Edamame is an immature soybean plant origin in East Asia. It is green in colour and is very soft. They are available fresh and in frozen form and are still in the pod. It has a high nutritional value. Before they ripen they get harvested. It can be eaten raw or can be cooked. It’s a delicious meal for vegetarians with great health benefits. It is a high source of protein. It is also considered as legumes astheyn be eaten as it is after peeling. They can be boiled, steamed, and can be eaten as a snack. They can also be cooked like a vegetarian dish and can be part of your daily meal. Its name is taken from the Japanese word Edamame which means beans or branch. It can be eaten along with rice or can be eaten as Salads.

Edamame beans can be gently squeezed from the pod and can be relished directly in your mouth. As their taste is salty so it addsflavour to your snack. It works as an appetizer when you are hungry. They were initially cultivated in China approx. 7000 years ago. But today you get thisall over the world. It belongs to the family of soybeans. There are many types of soybeans available and one of those types is Edamame. When we talk about an organic food item. Its name comes at the top of it. However, you can find this almost in every cuisine it is most common in Japanese cuisine. You will find this in almost all Japanese restaurants, Dishes may vary. To talk about its health benefits, it’s a long list we need to study. And once we go through it all you will definitely fall in love with the green beans.

Enjoy the health benefits of Edamame:-

To everyone’s surprise, Edamame has a lot of health benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them: –

  1. Rich Source of Protein – The intake of protein is very important for our health. And soybeans are a rich source of protein. Including Edamame in your diet will certainly fulfill this need. a cup of this meal gives 18.5gm of protein.
  2. Reduce Cholesterol –High-level cholesterol increases the risk of a heart attack. So one must be careful about the cholesterol levels in the body. Various studies reveal that including soy protein in a diet can reduce cholesterol levels. Therefore, intake of Edamame becomes necessary.
  3. Reduces the Risk of High Blood Sugar–Since It is low in carbs, thus it does not increase the sugar levels. People suffering from Diabetes can also include this in their daily meals. The increased sugar level is a dangerous disease if left untreated, So eating a healthy diet is a must.
  4. Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals:-It contains a high amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It provides a wide range of nutritional values such as folate, Vitamin K1, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Iron, copper, magnesium.
  5. Prevents Breast Cancer – As it has a compound called isoflavones, thus intake of this plant bean reduces the risk of breast cancer. Moreover, soy products are a good source of a healthy diet.
  6. Helps to reduce female stress in the Menopause stage –Including this in your daily diet may help in the menopause stage.
  7. Prevents Prostate Cancer -As the age increases, the risk of prostate disease also increases in men. However, If you are adding this plant bean to your daily meal can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  8. Beneficial for Bones –Growing old age also affects your bones. As Edamame has a compound called isoflavones, Therefore, it helps in the strengthening of bones. Eating soy products helps reduce the breaking of bones .
  9. Acts as a treatment to Brain Diseases – Studies reveal that it reduces the risks of cognitive decline. It works as a medicine to treat the patients of Alzheimer’s.
  10. Helps to fight Depression –As it is rich in antioxidants, it reduces the risk of depression. Intake of these beans helps the hormones to keep the brain calm and balance the mood swings.
  11. Increase Fertility – As Edamame is rich in iron and folate, Therefore, it helps to increase fertility.

Storage and Cooking Of Edamame

These beans lose its flavorsoon . so must be eaten in a day or two. It’s a must to refrigerate these beans at freezing temperature if want to use in few days .It can be cooked in various ways .

  • Can be eaten raw just after you squeeze it from pod.
  • Can be boiled or steamed and can be added on to your salad meal.
  • Can be cooked like a vegetable and served with rice .
  • Can make a mouth-watering soup .
  • Can be made as a dip by adding garlic flavor.
  • Worked as an appetizer