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Eggs Benedict: An Intricate Yet Delicious Dish You Should Try Out

eggs benedict

Everyone loves to enjoy a classic dish now and then. Renewing a delicious classic dish with a few modern ingredients can make it enticing and hard to resist. A traditional bowl of tasty condiments can be all you need to sparkle up a family dinner, brunch or even a simple breakfast. So, by preparing something sure to impress the elders, you can brighten up the family’s mood. An example of such a dish can be everyone’s favourite, the Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Benedict: A Classic Dish Admired By All:

The highly delicious Egg Benedict is a classic dish loved and appreciated by almost everyone. It is known to be an addition to the typical American breakfast, which consists of a poached egg, two halves of English muffin topped with mouth-watering Canadian bacon, served with the luscious hollandaise sauce. In New York City, this dish was first invented, and we all are thankful for that. To give this dish a modern twist, feel free to whisk in some grated Parmesan, one sliced avocado or some crusty Italian bread.

We have stated below everything you need, from directions and tips to what goes well with it, so that you do not face any problem in preparing this irresistible dish and enjoying it with your family:

Ingredients Needed:

1. 4 slices of Canadian bacon (or eight slices of bacon)

2. 4 large eggs

3. 2 halves of English muffins

4. 2 tsp white or rice vinegar

5. Butter, as needed

6. 2 tbsp parsley, chopped (for garnish)

For The Hollandaise Sauce:

1. 3 large egg yolks

2. 10 tbsp unsalted butter (if you are using salted butter, make sure to leave out the added salt)

3. 1/2 tsp kosher salt

4. 1 tbsp lemon juice

5. Dash of cayenne or Tabasco sauce

Directions To Follow:

Given below are the ultimate step by step instructions you should follow to make the Eggs Benedict the star of the night:

1. The first step involves cooking the bacon. For this, over medium to low heat, heat a large pan. Once hot, add the slices of Canadian bacon (or strips of bacon). Fry it slowly and make sure the bacon has browned on both sides using the Canadian bacon. If you use strips of bacon, cook it for about 10 minutes or until much of the fat is rendered out.

2. To remove the bacon from the skillet, make use of tongs or a fork. Place it on a paper towel to absorb the extra fat.

3. While you are slow-frying your bacon, fill a large saucepan with two-thirds water and bring it to a boil. Add the vinegar. Allow it to boil again, then lower the heat. This will let the water simmer.

4. Then, proceed to make the hollandaise sauce. For that, melt the unsalted butter. Add in the egg yolks, lemon juice and salt in the blender and blend at medium to high speed for about 20 to 30 seconds, till the colour of the yolks lightens.

5. Proceed to lower the speed of the blender and pour in the melted butter. Add in salt and lemon juice as required.

6. Then. Transfer the blended mixture to a container.

7. Moving on, to perfectly poach the eggs, take one egg at a time. Crack an egg into a small container and carefully transfer it to the poaching water you have set to simmer. Once it starts to solidify, repeat the same with the rest of the eggs.

8. Then, turn off the flame, cover the pan with its lid or a standard plate, and allow it to sit for at least 4 minutes. Take out the egg which was placed first. To remove the eggs, use a slotted spoon and gently lift it as you don’t want the eggs to break.

9. While your eggs are getting poached, start toasting your English muffins without wasting any time.

10. Lastly, it’s finally time to arrange the Eggs Benedict. First, butter one side of the English muffins. Top the muffins with two slices of Canadian bacon. Then place a poached egg each on top of the bacon. Pour over some hollandaise sauce, sprinkle the chopped parsley and serve hot.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Preparing This Dish:

Mastering the art of making exceptional Eggs Benedict can be an intricate task to perform. Along with the step by step instructions given above, make sure to follow some tips given below for the best experience and flavour:

1. If you want to cool off the poached eggs faster, transfer them to a bowl of cold water, which will stop them from cooking.

2. For the hollandaise sauce, do not allow the melted butter to reach a very high temperature. Melt it until it is just hot enough.

3. You should blend the egg yolks only for 30 seconds and not more than that so that they get warm but not hot.

4. Adjust the timing of the poaching egg for about 4 minutes and make sure to add vinegar to the simmering water.

5. You can use crab cakes, lobster, salmon, ham or spinach instead of Canadian bacon. Smoked salmon can be an appreciated choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is on a traditional Eggs Benedict?

On a traditional version of this dish, you will find an assortment of toasted English muffins, delicious poached eggs, Canadian bacon and a smooth hollandaise sauce.

2. What should be the texture of Eggs Benedict?

The texture of this dish should be between runny to almost set.

3. Is hollandaise sauce raw egg?

No, the egg yolks of the hollandaise sauce are simmered to avoid curdling.