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How To Make The Best Espresso At Home? – Tasty And Filling

You might have visited a store and thought of buying an Espresso machine. But the good news is, you need not spend a fortune on it. Today, you can learn about an Espresso recipe that is equally good as the one your coffee machine can brew. The recipe is simple, the ingredients are easily available, and the end result is delicious.

This Espresso coffee recipe is light and creamy. It is also the right amount of frothy. Whether you are running late for office or college, this Espresso recipe will save you. So, you need not spend extra hours worrying about how to sip on something tasty and healthy. 

The Most Delicious Espresso Coffee Ever! 

This Espresso coffee recipe does not require an Espresso machine. It is an Indian-style Espresso coffee that gives you a different twist from the regular Espressos you drink everywhere. The flavours are rich, and it is bound to lift your spirits. This coffee is also great for all those people who want to enjoy refreshing snacks with a warm cup of Coffee. As such, you are sure to feel relaxed and rejuvenated for the day. 

Generally, this Espresso coffee can be prepared with any milk. However, if you are health conscious, we recommend using dairy-free milk. This will help make it vegetarian, potent and even gluten-free. The flavours will leave you lip-smacking and wanting more. 

Ingredients To Make This Magical Espresso Coffee 

 The quality of coffee powder you use has a lot to do with how your coffee turns out to taste. That is why we only recommend using premium-quality powder. You can find them at regular stores near you as well. Apart from this, you need the milk of your choice and sugar. Skimmed or whole milk are both doable. However, we recommend whole milk to those who like a creamier coffee. 

If you are a health freak and do not wish to use sugar, skip it. Instead, use Honey or Coconut sugar to add a pint of sweetness. These will even lift your Espresso flavours to a whole new level. 

You can serve this delicious Espresso recipe with Apple Pies, Cheese Toast, Veg Puffs and even Potato Wedges. You can also use Bread Balls and Carrot Muffins. We promise; they will keep you fuller for longer. 

How To Prepare Yummy Espresso Coffee At Home?

  1. Add 1.5 teaspoons of Coffee powder. Also, use two teaspoons of sugar and water. Pour them together in a coffee mug or a cup as per your liking. 
  2. Now, mix the ingredients properly together until the blend becomes light and creamy. 
  3. Make sure you beat it properly for 15 minutes to bring the coffee to creaminess and lightness. 
  4. Now, boil the milk properly and bring it to a creamy texture. 
  5. Garnish the Espresso with Cocoa Powder and serve hot. 

How To Make Good Espresso At Home With Machine?

The French Press 

Please note that this method is for those who have an Espresso machine at home. If you have a French Press, this coffee is all yours to try now. 

Step 1- Grind good-quality coffee. Make sure you have enough coffee so you can make it come out frothy.

Step 2- Take a kettle and heat some water. Make sure you only do this to 200 degrees. At the same time, add some coffee grounds to the French Press. 

Step 3- Now, blow the coffee and splash some hot water on it. Make sure you soak the grounds for nearly 30 minutes. 

Step 4- Now pour the remaining water onto the ground. Shut the lid. After that, let the Coffee steep for around 4 minutes or so. 

Step 5- With slow pressure, press the plunger downwards. Pour the coffee into your mug and start going.  

The Bottom Line

Espresso coffee is fair simple and easy to make. Whenever you get home after a long day at work, this coffee can help you unravel a bit. Espresso coffee can also help you to feel a lot better and stay fresh for longer. So, why keep waiting? Try this coffee out now for a lovely experience. You will not be disappointed.