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Fruit Fly- Learn How To Get Rid Of It In Simple Steps

People come across some tiny dots flying in their kitchens. These can grow very irritating if not removed from the kitchen soon. These are nothing but fruit fly that are not harmful. Fruit flies can carry bacteria from one source to another. This can also lead to diseases. You may often find a dozen of them lingering above fruit bowls. Now is the perfect time to learn how to get rid of fruit flies before they cause any nuisance to the kitchen. 

What Is Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies or pests are minute, 1/8- inch, reddish-brown flies that you can find in your kitchen all year round. You may often see them fluttering around the fruit bowls or vegetable stacks. Fruit flies often come through the open gateways and windows. One can also find out that they may enter houses from the vegetable stores on fruits and veggies. They are also known to reproduce up to fifty eggs every day. Each of those eggs transforms from larvae to an adult fruit fly within seven days. 

Fruit Flies Life Cycle

Fruit flies are always fluttering in your kitchen and near the trash can. These are usually seen during the late summer and early fall seasons. This is because they are always drawn toward rotting and ripe food items. Some of the fruits and veggies that attract fruit flies are apples, bananas, and melons. 

A female fruit fly can give birth to a total of 2,000 eggs in their lifetime. They do so on moist and rotting surfaces, like fruits and veggies. Within thirty hours, they will begin to hatch. As a result, they will start to eat decayed food. Within two days, they will become adults who are ready to breed. But they are alive for not more than fifteen days in total. 

How Do Fruit Flies Affect Our Health?

Studies have proved that fruit flies carry bacteria from one surface to another. They likely carry these particles from a dirty food source to a clean one. This will lead to the contamination of the clean surface. The types of bacteria that fruit flies carry are Listeria, Salmonella, and E, Coli. These three have a great role to play in causing food poisoning. The diseases caused by these bacteria can be fatal if not treated properly.

These fruit flies can usually be found in the toilet drain cover of your bathroom. So, think about how disgusting it will be if these flies land on anything you feed. Also, think about the nuisance when they land on your toothbrushes and towels. The results can be very unhygienic. So, thorough cleanliness is vital against fruit flies. 


Steps To Follow To Get Rid Of Fruit Fly

If you find some unwanted guests like fruit flies fluttering around in your kitchen, it is time to get rid of them. These flies are always buzzing around in your kitchen. So, now is the time to prevent them from even entering your kitchen and contaminating the clean foods. 

1. Find The Origin

Your first step should be to figure out the source from which the flies are arising. It may be the toilet drain cover, open food items, or even certain fruit bowls. Disinfect the area to get rid of fruit flies. This will be enough to get rid of them. Then, drive them away from your home. 

2. Use Their Breeding Grounds

Once you see the fruit flies lying around rotten or moist surfaces. Make use of any rotten food items to trap them as they are always drawn towards these surfaces. 

a. Do not throw out rotten or open food sources. Instead, place them in a disposable container. 

b. Cover the container with the rotten food using plastic wrap.

c. Let the flies enter the disposable container by poking holes in the plastic wrap. Wait for them to arrive.

You will notice some flies lingering around the container. Immediately get rid of the container. Repeat this same trick until all the fruit flies are gone. 

3. Prepare A Solution With Vinegar

Fruit flies get attracted to vinegar. So, first, take a disposable container and fill it up with water. Then, add some tablespoons of vinegar and sugar. Sit until combined. At last, add a few drops of dish soap to this solution while stirring. After you prepare this solution, set it in a disposable container. Place it and wait for the fruit flies to arrive. You will notice how the flies try to touch the water as they get attracted to vinegar. So, the flies will drown as they touch the surface of the solution. Repeat this process until you get rid of all the fruit flies. 

4. Go For An Exterminator

Hiring an exterminator will be your last option. This is the most effective tip to go for if you want to get rid of fruit flies. But it can be costly. It may also affect the health of living beings. So, if all the other ways of getting rid of fruit flies are not working out, you have no other choice but to go for this option. If the fruit flies return after treatment, the exterminator you hired will do it once again. 

The Bottom Line

Fruit flies can be very displeasing and unhygienic. They can cause more issues if they wander around your kitchen. They may also contaminate clean food. So, use a few home remedies to get rid of fruit flies.