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The Best Funnel Cake Ever- Simple, Easy, Crispy, And Delicious

At first glance, you may assume that a Funnel cake is a cake. You are wrong. Funnel cakes are merely a simple and delicious batter that can be fried until they turn golden brown in color. So you can top them off with some powdered sugar for the right amount of sweetness. 

Although it is a rarely-prepared recipe, you can try and make an exception at your home. The best part is that preparing this recipe is as easy as it can get. So, you need not worry about using too many ingredients. You also need not stress about how everyone will like it. The recipe is yummy. Let us read more to know more about this lip-smacking recipe. 

How To Prepare Funnel Cake?

The recipe is pretty simple. First, make sure you have the ingredients in place. Then, make sure you do not prepare too much of this recipe. This is because it is best eaten fresh. So, it is best to start off small. 


  • One egg
  • ¼ cup milk
  • One tablespoon water
  • ½ teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • ¾ teaspoon baking powder
  • One tablespoon granulated sugar
  • One pinch salt
  • Four tablespoons powdered sugar
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour


1. Take a large bowl where you can whisk a batter. Add milk, water, egg, and Vanilla to it. 

2. Add salt, baking powder, and sugar into the same bowl. Now, whisk it properly. 

3. Now, add flour and whisk the batter until it is entirely smooth. Also, keep it to a side. 

4. Use a medium flame and take a hot pan. Reduce the heat once the bubble starts to form.

5. Pour a small amount of the batter from the cup. Create a thin line with the batter onto the hot pan. Now swirl the pan around and cook the mixture for 2 minutes. It is ready once you spot the batter turning golden brown. Then, you can flip and cook the batter for another 2 minutes. 

6. Now, dust nearly two tablespoons of sugar onto the recipe. Then, you can prepare more if you want. 

7. Your Funnel cake is ready

This recipe serves two people and can be prepared within 5 minutes. Yes, it is that easy to cook it. This is why we recommend it to all youngsters who are beginner cooks. The crispy texture of the cake will also leave you wanting more. So, why not?

What Are The Best Funnel Cake Toppings To Use?

Making this recipe is easy. But you might have a hard time trying to figure out the best toppings for it. That is why we have listed some of the best toppings for this recipe. They are sure to leave you craving more. 

1. Ice Cream 

Any ice cream flavor that you love is a hands-on addition to this recipe. Mint and Vanilla ice creams are our top picks. Which is yours?

2. Sprinkles

Sprinkles are colorful, tasty and so flavourful. One can never go wrong with enough sprinkles on this recipe.

3. Fruit

Did you know that your favorite fruits could also be an excellent way to top off your Funnel cakes? Use a mix of super nutritious foods to add a healthier twist to the recipe. You can use a variety of fruits. Seasonal ones would be the best picks. However, you could also do with Strawberries. 

4. Sauce

Chocolate and Vanilla sauces can never go wrong. If you want to leave everyone drooling over your recipe, use these sauces to top off your dish. 

All these toppings are easily available in the market. So, you can get your hands on any one of your favorites. 

The Bottom Line

With a Funnel cake, you could complete those boring Sunday meals rapidly. If your children are fussy about their meals, you have another good reason to fall back on this recipe. It is yummy, easy, simple, crispy, and all things amazing. That is why you should try it out right away to see how everyone likes it. This is also one incredible way to control your sugar cravings and go creative on your daily meals. You can also serve them with one dessert of your choice.