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Learn how to make the yummiest glazed coconuts right away from us

glazed donut recipe

Donuts are a mass favourite among all other delicious dessert recipes. The fluffy, light, soft texture of the donut leaves you mouth-watering like never before. But what is most convincing is how these donuts never fail to melt into the mouth and remind us of heavenly bliss in seconds. If you agree with me, you will not be able to hold on when I introduce you to yet another lip-smacking donut recipe. I promise; this one will leave you wanting more forever. 

Let us help you discover the most delicious classic glazed donuts you will ever have in your life! 

Classic Glazed donuts are a win-win 

There is nothing like a homemade recipe. No matter how many times you go, eat outside. However, home-cooked food will have you wanting more for the longest time ever. It’s the same with these classic glazed donuts. The recipe that I will share with you today is something you will love to try on Sundays with your family and friends. Whether it is a birthday party or a small family get-together, you will love gorging on them with everyone. The best part about this dish is that it requires minimal ingredients. All the ingredients it requires are most likely to be available in your kitchen. So, it comes in handy for everyone. 

Ingredients to make Classic glazed donuts

 Now, when you make the classic glazed donuts, do not forget to measure the ingredients well. The lightness and fluffiness of your donuts depend on how accurately you measure the ingredients. So, be careful! You must also remember to follow the instructions carefully so that you do not end up making any mistakes. Otherwise, you can land with an awfully-cooked donut that you will have to throw away with all the guilt in your heart. 

1. For the donuts 

  • 1 ¼ cup of Milk
  • 2 ½ teaspoons of activated dry yeast 
  • 2 eggs 
  • 8 tablespoons of butter (Make sure you melt and cool it) 
  •  ¼ cup of granulated sugar 
  • 1 teaspoon salt 
  • 4 ½ cups all-purpose flour (You will need more to roll out the dough later) 
  • 2 quarts neutral oil 

 For the Glaze 

  • 2 cups powdered sugar 
  • ¼ cup milk 

Instructions to make classic glazed donut 

 1. Heat the milk till it gets warm. Now, take a large bowl and transfer yeast in it. Stir it lightly and let it sit with the milk until it becomes foamy. It should take five minutes. 

2. Now, use an electric mixer to beat the eggs, butter, sugar and salt together into the yeast mixture. Add half of the flour and mix it until well-combined. Then, mix the remaining flour into it and beat it properly until it becomes smooth. If the dough is still wet, add two tablespoons at a time. Now, grease a large bowl with oil. Transfer the dough into the bowl and let it sit for an hour. 

3. Now, turn the dough onto a well-floured surface and roll it to ½ inch thickness. Now, cut out the dough with a donut cutter or anything that can help you carve out a donut shape. Reverse the holes. If you plan to make a filled donut, then there is no need to cut out holes. Let it rest for a few minutes. 

4. Now, place the donuts on floured baking sheets. Make sure you leave enough space between each donut so that they can bake properly. Cover with a kitchen towel and let it rinse in a warm place. The process should take forty-five minutes. If your kitchen is not warm then, heat the oven to 200 degrees. Now, turn off the heat and put the baking sheet in the oven and leave the door open. 

5. After fifteen minutes, you will notice that the donuts are rising. So, put the oil in a heavy pot and heat it to 375 degrees. At the same time, line cooling racks, baking sheets with paper towels. 

6. Now, add the donuts to the oil carefully. Fry them and make sure that the bottom is golden. Donut holes cook faster. So, make sure you pay attention to it before it burns. Repeat this process and add the glaze. 

7. Now, whisk together sugar, milk and vanilla until smooth. When the donuts are cool, add the glaze by pouring the mixture on it. Put them on the racks and let it settle on the donut. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I add toppings of my choice?

 Yes, of course. 

2. Are these donuts delicious?

 Without a doubt! 

The bottom line 

Classic glazed donuts are a favourite among everyone. If you love desserts that melt into your mouth right away, you are sure to fall in love with this one. SO, do not forget to try it out soon!