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how to make rosewater

Everyone loves Roses for their beautiful color and their refreshing fragrance. Moreover, to add to these qualities, roses are beneficial for our skin as it helps to smoothen the skin and helps with acne removal. It also helps to balance the skin’s PH and greatly reduces wrinkles. In addition to this, it also helps in soothing skin irritation and reduces redness. So the water made out of the rose petals, that is, the rosewater is used by many skincare products and also in the culinary industry. 

However, rosewater bottles have extravagant costs, especially when it is very easy to make rosewater. It takes hardly 10-15 minutes to make this rosewater, and you can keep it stored for a long time. Before wasting a lot of your money on the rosewater, try making it once yourself. This can also be beneficial to your skin as the industry-made rosewater may have added chemicals. Therefore, we provide you here with this homemade rose water recipe.


  • Roses (preferably organic): 7 stems 
  • Water: 1.5 liters (or to cover the rose petals sufficiently)


  • Take the roses and remove the petals from the stems. 
  • Now wash them in lukewarm water to remove any dirt. However, don’t leave the petals in the lukewarm water for a long time; otherwise, the rose petals will start diffusing their contents in the water. 
  • Now take the petals and put them in a large pot. 
  • Next, fill the pot with distilled water such that the petals are are fully drowned. However, don’t use excess water; otherwise, the rosewater will be diluted. 
  • Now put the pot on the stove and heat the contents on medium-low heat. 
  • First, bring the water to a simmer and then cover the pot with the lid. 
  • Let the rosewater simmer for around 20-25 minutes on low heat. 
  • By this time, you will observe that the rose petals have turned pale pink. 
  • Now using a sieve, strain the rosewater so that you can separate the petals. 
  • Now discard the petals and store the rosewater in an airtight glass jar.