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The Perfect Guide On How To Peel Ginger Efficiently Like A Pro!

peel ginger

Peeling ginger using a knife can prove to be a very demanding and burdensome task. It can result in severe body injuries and peeling off excess ginger flesh if done carelessly using a knife. As we all know, ginger has several health benefits. It helps in regulating blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels of your body. Also, the ginger skin (ginger peel) is entirely safe to eat. The peel of ginger can be used to make marinades, all-purpose ginger broth, and perfume-steamed fish and vegetables. It only enhances the flavour of such dishes and gives it a slightly gingery taste.

Given below is the perfect way on how to peel ginger without harming yourself or the ginger:

How To Peel Ginger Like A Pro:

Peeling Ginger Using

A Spoon:

Peeling ginger can be a tricky and challenging task if you are not comfortable using a knife. You can get hurt while peeling it. Also, due to the uneven shape of a ginger root, you can find it very difficult to cover every nook of it and peeling off a lot of the ginger flesh.

Thus, you can switch over to a spoon for people who are not comfortable with using a knife. Using a spoon is a much safer and guaranteed method of peeling ginger. As a spoon does not have any sharp edges like a knife, you can easily peel off the ginger skin without much hassle. Also, due to the bowl shape of the spoon, you can easily cover every nook and cranny of the ginger efficiently. This helps you to peel only the skin and not excess of the ginger flesh.


1. Firstly, start by washing off the dirt from the ginger using water and brushing equipment. Then pat-dry it.

2. Now, peel the ginger using a spoon. The size of the scoop depends on the preference of people. Some use larger-sized spoons, while some prefer using smaller spoons to peel.

3. While peeling, you can hold the ginger in one hand and peel using the other hand; you can also use a chopping board to peel off the ginger skin efficiently.

And you are done!


1. This method can be efficiently coordinated if the ginger is young and new, as the skin will peel off without a problem. Older ginger can be very difficult to peel off using a spoon. Therefore, you have to turn towards a knife if the ginger you are using is old.

2. This method will also work if the ginger you choose does not have any nooks and cranny.

3. It is not essential to peel off all the parts of ginger, as ginger skin is edible. Some specks of skin left on ginger are not a problem or a matter of concern!

4. If you use a large spoon for peeling the ginger, you may find it a little tricky. But a smaller spoon or a teaspoon is more preferable. You should press your thumb into the base of the spoon’s curved (bowl) shape and use the corner of it rigid, descending movements towards the skin.

How To Store Peeled Ginger:

You can store peeled ginger in the freezer for a few days. You can also grate or slice it, if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it safe to eat the ginger peel?

Yes, it is incredibly safe to consume ginger peel.

2. What is the best way to peel ginger?

The best way to peel ginger is by using a spoon, as it avoids excessive peeling of ginger flesh and prevents you from getting severely hurt.

3. Is ginger skin good for health?

Yes, ginger skin is good for your health and can help in conserving your skin’s collagen. This is known to be an essential natural ingredient that promotes the anti-aging process.


Peeling ginger using a knife can be risky. Therefore, we have introduced the spoon-peeling method. By following the description of using a spoon for peeling ginger, you can gain the maximum advantage of it without getting hurt.