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10 healthy food picks for Olive Garden Nutrition health-conscious

Olive Garden Nutrition

What’s the first thought you have when you hear the word ‘restaurant’? In the case of health-conscious gannets, it’s always ‘unhealthy.’ But what if you get to gobble on food in a restaurant without rattling about your health? 

Olive Garden is a chain of American casual dining restaurant that’s a master at serving healthy meals. The restaurant boasts a plethora of exquisitely healthy dishes that range from Olive Garden nutrition soup, salads, pasta to name a few. 

Here’s a list of 10 healthy food picks from Olive Garden nutrition that you can gorge on to your heart’s content!

1. Shrimp Scampi Fritta

As we speak of Olive Garden nutrition facts, the best healthy dish to discuss has to be, Shrimp Scampi Fritta. This dish is served here as both spicy and classic Shrimp Scampi Fritta. Pertaining to people’s preferences, one can order either of them without much hesitation as both ensure excellent nutritional value. With 500 calories, 9grams of saturated fat, and 26grams of Protein, Shrimp Scampi Fritta is quite a remarkable food pick for all. The dish comes in sautéed garlic sauce, spaghetti, tomatoes and fresh asparagus that make it a complete meal altogether.

2. Grilled Chicken Parmigiana

Packed with Protein, Grilled Chicken Parmigiana is a healthy dish served here. It also includes reduced amounts of sodium, saturated fat and carbs that are otherwise loaded in Fried Chicken. Although this dish comes smothered in marinara sauce and melted cheese, it contains lesser calories as the option of grilled chicken is healthier. With a full side of spaghetti, not only is this dish delicious and healthy but also very filling. So, for anyone who is looking to gobble on a fancy Italian meal, this dish is it. 


3. Stellini Soup

If you’ve been looking for a healthy dinner meal, Stellini Soup has to be your go-to pick. This Olive garden nutrition soup contains only 2.5grams of saturated fat, 20mgs of cholesterol and 1240mgs of Sodium that make this dish an overall winner in terms of healthy meals. The high source of fluids, packed nutritional value and smooth texture help keep your stomach fuller for longer hours. Stellini Soup can also help you to lose weight rapidly. When in doubt, customize your choice of vegetables and you will be good to go! 

4. Stuffed Mushrooms

 One of the most appetizing starters in this restaurant has to be this dish. Stuffed Mushroom is another healthy choice for those who want to stay fuller for longer with limited eating. Swarmed with Clams, herbed breadcrumbs and cheese toppings, this dish has a good nutritional value of its own. With nearly 15 grams of Protein, 380 Calories and 13 grams of Carbs, Stuffed Mushrooms is a lip-smacking meal for everyone. The sodium and cholesterol content are also at minimal in their recipe so it’s surely a safe option for all healthy eaters.  


5. Herb-Grilled Salmon

Olive Garden Nutrition

Fish is always a safe option to jump into when you can’t think of anything healthy. Herb-Grilled Salmon is one such meal found here, that is not only high in protein and healthy fat but also in deliciousness. Enjoy this amazing dish that contains, 460 calories, 8grams of saturated fat and very low sodium content. One of the best Olive garden nutrition factsabout this dish is that it’s gluten-free. It also gives you a boost of fibre as it comes paired with broccoli on the sides. Above all, the garlic-herb combination is to die for! 


6. Tilapia Piccata

 Tilapia Piccata is a healthy dish made with mild fish that is baked covered in lemon sauce. The sundried tomatoes, Zucchini and capers in this dish add the necessary flavours to complete the dish. With 450 calories, 24grams of fat and 12 grams of carb Tilapia Piccata makes for a perfectly healthy choice. It has minimum sugar and sodium content that make it more desirable among healthy eaters. Another standout point about this dish is that it helps you to stay fuller for longer so you don’t feel hungry until your next meal. 

7. Fettuccini Alfredo mini pasta bowl

 If you want to maintain a healthy diet but also gorge on your favourite Alfredo pasta, here’s a quick fix for you! The Fettuccini Alfredo Mini pasta bowl served at Olive Garden nutrition is an all-time classic. This bowl only contains 500 calories and 500 milligrams of sodium that makes it an absolutely safe option to go for. Covered in white sauce, this pasta is ideal for lunch and a quick breakfast meal. Since it’s half the size of a full plate pasta bowl, this bowl is more nutritious. Fettuccini Alfredo mini pasta bowl offers some amazing olive garden nutrition facts so you might want to opt for it when you visit the restaurant next time. 

8. Chocolate Mousse Cake

One of the lightest dessert options amidst the many unhealthy desserts, Chocolate Mousse Cake is a dessert lovers paradise. With 380 calories, 22grams fat and 39grams of carbs, it isn’t a poor dessert choice for healthy eaters at all. In fact, this one’s a great dessert for when you are planning on a cheat meal once a week. With reduced sodium content, this cake is perfectly worth it! Classified in four different, chocolate layers, Chocolate Mousse Cake is surely the right pick for you.

9. Eggplant Parmesan Breadstick sandwich

This one’s a light option for sandwich lovers, who aren’t willing to compromise on nutrition. A sandwich made of breadsticks; this dish is mostly consumed during lunch hours since it keeps people full until their next meal. The eggplant parmesan contains only 610 calories, 8grams of saturated fat and 64 carb that are fit to compel any health-conscious person to gobble on it immediately. If you attempt to visit Olive Garden nutrition for a light lunch, don’t forget to include this sandwich dish for an awesome healthy meal. 

10. Cheese Pizza for kids

If you’re still wondering what else you can have without a pang of guilt, delve for the kid’s menu. Olive Garden nutrition Cheese Pizza from the kid’s menu is an ultimate delicacy and also super healthy for you. Since the Cheese Pizza for kids contains half the salt content than included in most adult meals, this dish can be your healthy fix forever. It not only contents your cravings but also provides you with minimal sodium, saturated fat and calorie intake. With relatively smaller portion sizes, this cheese pizza might be a total steal for you. 

Olive Garden Nutrition- The finish line

Olive Garden has an array of healthy meals to pick from even aside from the ones mentioned above. However, these are some of the best food picks that you can opt for while you attempt to be here for a fine-dine experience. Don’t forget to try on the Olive Garden nutrition soup too. Overall, the restaurant is sure to make you come back for more!