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Oyster Sauce: Excavate delightful things

Do you all enjoy getting some dose of protein, calcium, iron, vitamins, minerals, and so on? I hope every individual does relish if they are imbibing all these supplements in their daily diet. What if one can achieve all of the above-mentioned supplements in just one food? It would certainly be that food that anyone can cherish. So here is one food which has got everything you are looking for and that is oyster sauce. This could be used as a dressing, binding agent, flavour enhancer, and more. It goes extremely well with typical Asian foods. With that note, we are going to Excavate delightful things about the luscious oyster sauce. Stay tuned to the blog till the end and enjoy reading.

What is oyster sauce?

Oyster sauce characterizes a multitude of sauces or dressings prepared by cooking oysters. This tastes similar to soy sauce and barbecue sauce mixture, with a dash of caramel, but less salty than soy sauce.

Why is this sauce used?

This is typically used in Asian households for different salad dressings, ramen, meat stir fry, and more.

Let us discover some nutritional facts about oyster sauce 


This delicious sauce indeed contains some amount of carbs which is of course significant to the body, these carbs are primarily present in the thinking agents of other ingredients used to prepare this sauce like flavour enhancers and soy sauce. 


This sauce contains protein as most sea foods contain protein which is good for those who follow a certain diet and so is this oyster sauce. 

Vitamins and minerals

The prominent mineral found in this sauce is iron and other auxiliary minerals and vitamins are magnesium, calcium, zinc, and vitamin B12.


This sauce is usually blended in different recipes to add some extra hint of flavour and to make recipes tasty. However, this can not be taken all alone, if it is blended with some other recipe then it might contain 15 calories per serving.

Well, these were a few nutritional facts to be considered if you do not know. I hope that this sauce can be taken into your diet without any guilt as it has some valuable nutrients.

Now is the time to dig into the benefits of oyster sauce

We already learned how beneficial seafood is, it has got everything that you look for and could be made in enormous ways and is mostly guilt-free food in comparison to red meats. But how about enjoying the same in sauces, yes a lot of people already do so now let us dig into the benefits that this recipe carries.

Helps in improving Immune System

Incorporating oysters as a whole or their sauces and dressing into the diet. It also enables reduction of the stringency and interval of cold indications as they contain zinc. It comprises more zinc than any other food that is existing. Understanding the research that the health institutes put forth says zinc is a pretty influential element. It helps with improving the overall immune system.

Healthy Brain Function

This sauce includes vitamin B12 which is usually found in meats, and according to Harvard Health Institute, it takes advantage of better function and development of brain cells. And deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause serious issues concerning brain health, however, a lot of people who do not like to have meat or processed foods are more likely to face problems related to their brain health. 

Boosts Energy Levels 

There is one element that takes your energy to another level and that is iron, did you ever notice people who have less haemoglobin are lacking the iron content in their body, and they are always suggested to eat foods that have a good amount of iron and one such food is oyster or its products like sauces or dressing. This helps in improving the haemoglobin by boosting up the red blood cell which carries oxygen from the lungs to tissues.

Helps with Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms 

The omega-3 fatty acids which are typically found in seafood can enable in relieving rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.  In a research study, it was found that people who intake fish oil encountered less morning immobility, stiff joints, joint pain, and a requirement to intake anti-inflammatory drugs. And researchers suggest this clearly illustrates that consuming seafood and fish oil is fairly beneficial in curing symptoms of this health problem. Hence the oyster sauce does the job with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Helps in regulating Blood Sugar Levels

The content of manganese in oyster sauce plays a significant role in glucose stability. In a study that involved around 4,000 participants considering the manganese levels in a diabetes group correlated with a non-diabetes group, it was found by the researchers that these mineral levels were significantly lower in the diabetes group. Now you can swear by this recipe without turning back.

How to prepare oyster sauce?

This recipe is surely one of the easiest recipes on the planet if you have all the ingredients ready to incorporate. So let us take a look at how the recipe goes.

  • Firstly you require 250 grams of shucked oyster liquid
  • One tablespoon of water
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt or as per your requirement
  • Between two to four tablespoons of light soy sauce 
  • ½ tablespoon of dark soy sauce 
  • Blend all these ingredients in a bowl and your favourite dishes with a hint of this sauce.

So that was a quick recipe plan that you can follow. I hope this recipe will save you time and money. Do try it out instead of buying.

So, that was all that we learned today in this blog and I believe it enabled you to discover a bunch of unique aspects. I hope this blog has excavated delightful things about the luscious oyster sauce.