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9 Red Robin Nutrition meals to gorge on safely


Amidst an array of appetizing restaurants, Red Robin is a mass favourite. The unending range of gourmet burgers, desserts and alcoholic beverages drives you to keep coming back for more. But there’s one thing most people do not know about this fast-food chain. – It’s quite a healthy place provided you know how to pick the meals right. 

If you are a health freak just as we are, here’s a list of top 9 Red Robin nutrition meals to pick safely!

Red Robin as a healthy choice

When you walk into a Red Robin restaurant, at first glance it might seem like another perfect place for a cheat meal. The sumptuous burgers, flavourful appetizers and desserts dripping in the chocolate sauce will make you rethink your diet plan. But the reality behind it is far more convincing. Red Robin’s food menu provides a massive list of dishes that range from Fish Tacos, Chicken Fajitas, Healthy Veg Wraps to a lot more. The Red Robin nutrition facts also make it quite a safe eating place. It also offers many delicious smoothies to ensure a safe place for all healthy eaters out there. So, whether it’s a dessert or an appetizer, Red Robin can be a healthy choice provided you make one! 

9 Red Robin Nutrition meals to gobble on without any guilt

1. Chicken Tortilla Soup


Red Robin nutrition ingredients can be customized on certain orders of dishes like this one. The Chicken Tortilla Soup is a fine choice for a healthy dining experience. In case you want to keep a count on your calories, selecting a smaller size of this bowl can be a safe idea too. As one of the most nutritious meals, this soup provides 200 calories, 9 grams of fat and 860 milligrams of sodium. It also offers a 3.5. milligrams of saturated fat and 10grams of protein that make it a healthy choice for all.  

2. ‘Keep it simple’ Chicken Burger


Most burgers that contain fried chicken are extremely harmful to health as they include tons of calories and unhealthy fat. On the other hand, grilled chicken is always a safe option as the nutritional content is far better. This is exactly why this recipe which contains grilled chicken in a burger makes for a great meal. Not only is this dish highly delicious but also incredible in nutritional value. Red Robin nutrition facts for this recipe contains 370 calories, 9grams of fat, 15grams of protein and 2grams of saturated fat. 

3. Steamed Broccoli

In case you are looking for something remarkably high in nutritional value, Red Robin still has you covered. Steamed Broccoli is an amazing dish for a light dining experience. With 30calories, 5grams of fat, 50milligrams of sodium and 6grams of carbohydrate, Steamed Broccoli will keep you away from detrimental eating. Red Robin nutrition ingredients are very simple for this recipe so it’s always a good option for all. Overall, this dish is a complete standout for anyone who is looking to eat healthily and keep their meal light. 

4. Strawberry Smoothie

 If you’re craving for something sweet and yet healthy, Red Robin’s strawberry smoothie has to be your go-to for sure. A regular-size strawberry smoothie at this place is going to be an intelligent choice in case you want to keep a count on your calorie intake. Red Robin nutrition ingredients for this smoothie is quite healthy. With 290calories, 0grams of fat, 75milligrams of sodium and 69grams of sugar make it a safe milkshake option. This is an especially great milkshake for kids. Don’t forget to try it out the next time you visit this place!

5. Ensenada Chicken Platter


Amidst all the Red Robin nutrition facts, Ensenada Chicken Platter’s nutritional facts are also an interesting one. With 300 calories, 12grams of fat, 3.5. grams of saturated fat and 1290 milligrams of sodium, this platter makes for a healthy option. The platter contains one chicken breast which helps stay fuller for longer. It also contains 29grams of protein that compel us to consider it while looking for something healthy and filling. This recipe thus works well as a lunch option. 

6. Classic Wedge Salad


In many cases, people do not want to take the risk of trying something that sounds unhealthy. For such people, a salad option is always the best go-to choice. After a closer look at the Red Robin nutrition guide, it is safe to consider this Classic Wedge Salad that contains only 420 calories. It also offers 8grams of protein, 17grams of carbohydrate and 36grams of fat that makes us choose this dish time and again. With a host of veggies smothered on the plate, this dish stands out like no other. Older adults and kids can also safely opt for this dish when in need. 

7. Light Freckled Lemonade


Among all tasty treats, Red Robin’s light freckled lemonade is a classic. This tangy lemonade with strawberries swarmed in the drink, is not only delectable but also highly nutritious. This special lemonade is an essential part of the Red Robin nutrition guide with 45 calories, 0grams of fat, 40milligrams of sodium and 11grams of Carbohydrate. This one is thus a perfect drink for all those who want to keep a count on their calories but also enjoy a lip-smacking drink that helps them kill their evenings delightfully. 

8. Red’s burger


Red Robin’s famous Red’s Burger is a dish to die for. Another one that tops the Red Robin nutrition guide, Red’s Burger is high in nutritional content. With 280 calories, 12grams of fat, 4grams of saturated fat and 27grams of carbohydrate, this dish marks itself as a healthy food choice for all age groups. You can even customize the burger to ensure your healthy eating properly. 

9. Sundae


A major kid’s favourite, Sundae is the best dessert you can find here. This too falls in the category of healthy and nutritious options at this eating chain with 310 calories, 42grams of sugar and 10grams of fat. 

The bottom line

Red Robin nutrition is a great way to ensure good health. The array of dishes mentioned above are the best nutritional picks at this eating house. Don’t forget to try them out the next time you visit Red Robin. 


Which are the Red Robin nutrition gluten-free options?

Ensenada Chicken Platter and Sear-ious Simon are the two best Red Robin nutrition gluten-free options. 

Does red robin nutrition include fries?

In case you’ve been wondering “does Red Robin nutrition include fries?”, then yes many of them do contain fries but as long as you choose the right recipes, you need not worry. 

Are the Red Robin nutrition gluten-free options safe?

 Yes. They are safe to eat.