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Are Tradition Refried Beans Nutrition your right choice?

Refried Beans Nutrition

The traditional staple of Mexico, Refried Beans is a mass favourite everywhere. The standout point about this dish is that it can be cooked in a variety of ways, using an array of flavourful beans. If this dish is a regular on your meal plan, you might want to know if Refried Beans are your right choice. 

Since are availed in the market in various forms, it’s important to unravel their nutritional details. Let’s help you find out whether the Refried Beans nutrition is healthy or unhealthy.

Going the healthy way

Since the word Refried contains the word ‘fried’ the dish has a bad reputation for being unhealthy. Most people also demonize the fat content in the dish without realizing its nutritional properties. Just like other nutrients, even Fats are a part of a nutritional diet. When prepared with regular vegetable oil, your Refried Beans can be fit to eat without any guilt. Ingredients like Pinto Beans, Black Beans, Bacon Fat and Spices are the most common in a traditional Refried Beans recipe. When cooked with less saturated fat and salt, this recipe can be your go-to healthy meal whenever in need. 

refried beans nutrition

For those who want to cut down on their meat intake, Refried Beans can be used as a substitute to keep health at check. It has also been reported to maintain normal blood pressure that rids off several health risks from your body. Packed with essential nutrients, following this healthy recipe to prepare Refried Beans can improve your diet by incorporating sufficient Protein, Folate and minerals like Magnesium and Phosphorous. While Protein builds body tissue and muscles, a B Vitamin Folate helps the body build DNA. 

Refried beans nutrition is quite high so it makes for a very healthy recipe for all age groups.

Above all, the intake of this dish can keep you fuller for longer so you can avoid overeating. Adding ½ a cup of either Pinto Beans or Black Beans will give you 15% of the daily value of Protein. Aside from this, Refried Beans is also a great source of Iron. Eating this meal can thus improve your iron absorption massively. You can also enjoy this delectable recipe with a dip of tomato Salsa to enhance the flavours. 

What makes it unhealthy?

Refried Beans containing high levels of Sodium are highly detrimental to health. Since excess Sodium can increase heart diseases and hypertension, it is especially unhealthy for those with existing heart problems. Such a dish can also lead to a loss of bone density with age. Similarly, Saturated Fats in large amounts can intensify the LDL Cholesterol in your blood, exposing you to stringent heart risks. To avoid such problems, always make sure to buy your Refried Beans wisely. Check the Refried Beans nutrition of each packaging if you buy the Canned ones. Also, remember to keep a check on the quantity of Sodium included in your Refried Beans to prevent any health risks. 22 percent value of Sodium on a 2000 calorie diet can do you harm on extreme levels. Aside from this, even unhealthy fat can raise LDL Cholesterol levels by exposing you to risks of Cancer. To prevent this, the use of healthy fat like Olive Oil, Nut butter and Canola are very good choices. 

If you are regular at restaurants, ordering Refried Beans smothered with cheese might not be a very good idea. Since it’s very difficult to keep a check on the nutritional contents of Refried Beans that are prepared in the restaurant, it’s wise to switch to the homemade recipe immediately. 

Enjoy Refried Beans without any guilt

If you are a fan of Refried Beans, you might be stringing between consuming it and giving it up for the sake of good health. But what if I told you, keeping in mind a few things can help you to stay healthy alongside eating this dish to your heart’s content? 

Home-made Refried Beans will not only boost the nutritional value of the food but will also help you to ensure proper hygiene. The recipe is also very simple so it will consume minimal cooking time. Sauté the garlic, onions with some spice and cumin and add the mashed beans. Top it up with some tangy salsa and you will be good to go! 

Before purchasing the canned or boxed Refried Beans, remember to run through the label for Sodium and fat content. In case you find Refried Beans that contain low levels of both these nutrients, you can proceed to buy them without any hesitation. Similarly, if you opt for ordering them from a restaurant, ask your Chef about the nutritional contents or how the dish was prepared. This will give you a thorough idea about whether they are fit for consuming. If you are still wondering how to keep it healthy with minimal efforts, prepare them at home. 

Refried beans nutrition

Refried Beans Nutrition-The bottom line

Yes, Refried Beans are a good choice for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. By keeping a few essential points in mind, the unhealthy version of it can be prevented drastically. This dish is ideal for those who enjoy a fine Mexican recipe. Used as a side dish with Tortilla or covered in Tomato Salsa, Refried Beans nutrition can become the ultimate choice for all those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. To intensify the flavours of the dish, Broccoli, Tomatoes and a pint of salt can be all you need. Do not forget to try out the dish at home to go the healthy way!