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Sazon Seasoning: your magical ingredients for an instant savory goodness


Homemade spice mixes and condiments are jam these days! Uh – huh, you heard that right. Even those who used to buy seasoning in packets now to prefer to make their own. Reason? Well, that’s because it’s super easy and all of the ingredients you need are already there in your kitchen. Homemade spice mix adds a tad more delicious and robust flavor to any dish as well.

And (of course) the same goes for SAZON SEASONING – a powerful blend of flavorful and aromatic spices. And if made at home, it turns into this all-purpose mixture you need for your next hearty. And the most intriguing thing about this Sazon seasoning is that it can be easily made without even any need to break a sweat. And this magical ingredient can make any meat incredibly tasty!

I personally find this must pantry mix super handy to bring that extra boastful original touch in the dishes. All you have to do is give a little dash here and a little sprinkle there and ‘Tadah’! Instant savory goodness ready to be served.

Playing around with seasonings is quite a thing. In fact, you can make your own mix for this Latin seasoning? How? Well, everything you need to know about it is given below.

Sazon Seasoning Recipe:

  • Ingredients:

Ground Coriander: 1 Tablespoon

Ground Cumin: 1 Tablespoon

Ground Achiote: 1 Tablespoon

Ground Turmeric: 1 Tablespoon

Dried Oregano: ½ – 1 Tablespoon

Garlic Powder: 1 Tablespoon

Black Pepper: 1 Teaspoon


Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl or in a jar and shake until evenly mixed.

How to Use Sazon Seasoning?

Contrary to what you’re thinking, Sazon is definitely not spicy. Although, it has a bit of heat, but it’s not spicy. Rest assure, you can perfectly season your dish with this mixture (And don’t worry, it’s still good enough for your kids to enjoy).

With all the ingredients mixed together, the taste profile results in an earthier taste profile with a bit of heat which makes it a dynamic flavourful mixture.

This spice mix is perfect with rice, beans, any dishes with peppers and onions, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc. Add it to pork, beef or chicken, even shrimp and see the magic unfold your eyes!

There are a lot of dishes you can use your homemade sazon seasoning. Some of the dishes that clicks real well with this seasoning are:

  • Picadillo Recipe
  • Pastelon (Plantain Lasagna)
  • Arroz con Pollo
  • Arroz con Gandules
  • Ropa Vieja Slow Cooker

Yeah-uh, you guessed it right. This homemade seasoning goes really well with Mexican dishes. Just use 2 teaspoons of seasoning in recipes that call for one packet of sazon seasoning.

You can even store this mix in a small plastic or glass jar with lid, in a cool dry place. However, make sure that you mark it with a sharpie so that you know what it is (before it gets lost it your spice rack).