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The Best Flax Egg Recipe For Healthy Diet

flax egg recipe

Most people who hear the word’ Flax egg’ think of flaxseed with eggs. Well, you aren’t wrong for thinking the same. However, the truth is quite the contrary. Although the dish is called a Flax egg, it doesn’t contain an egg. The recipe comes with a scoop of flaxseed in three spoons of water. Yes, that is all that this recipe is about. So, what are its benefits? How do you make it? Is it helpful for real?

If you have been asking yourself such questions right now, it is time to get the answers. Here’s all about the flax egg recipe you need to know!

How to use Flax egg in your daily recipes? 

We all know how beneficial flaxseeds are for your daily diet. For starters, they are full of nutrients that provide the necessary portion to your body. They are also rich in dietary fibre and improve cholesterol as well. Moreover, they offer high-quality protein and lower blood pressure problems as well. Thus, they are useful for you to like no other.

The flax egg is thus an amalgamation of flaxseeds with water to create an egg-like consistency. Such a thing helps in making your baked foods more moisturized and prevent them from crumbling. For vegans, who cannot use eggs in their daily recipes, flax egg can come to their rescue instantly. If you are worried about the flavor that will come due to this, do not worry.

A flax egg recipe will work best for those dishes to conceal its flavors by adding something better. For example- you can add flax eggs to a brownie recipe to avoid crumbling. You do not have to worry about its flavor because the chocolate will help conceal its flavor instantly.

Tips on making the flax egg recipe 

Before you move on to making your flax egg recipe, we want you to know a few ways you can make it quickly.

Yes, many people tend to overdo the flax egg recipe. So, it never comes out right for them. But with our guidance, we hope to help you prevent this problem right from the beginning.

  1. Before you move ahead to use a flax egg in any of your baking recipes, make sure you leave the flax egg still for some time. Such a thing is vital to allow the gelling to take place properly. So, it leaves you enough time to measure, mix and let the mixture sit without a hindrance. As a result, you can use it in your recipes without worrying at all. Keep in mind that if you use the flax egg right away, it can make the baking recipe look watery. So, it can destroy the entire recipe even before it comes out of the oven.
  1. The next thing to remember is that you have to use flax egg recipe in only those recipes where you can conceal them conveniently.
    For example, using the flax egg recipe in crepes or other thin recipes can be risky. The flavors will remain on top. However, if you use it in recipes with rough flavors to conceal this recipe, it won’t be a problem for you.
  2. Many people underestimate the measurement of a flax egg and pour more or less. Such a thing can result in massive disasters in your recipe. It can make your recipe look watery. As a result, all your efforts will be in vain. So, try to avoid that by taking measurements properly.

How to make a flax egg recipe? 

The flax egg recipe is simple. All you have to do is add one-part flaxseeds in three parts water.


1 tbsp flaxseed meal
2 ½ tbsp water


Add flaxseed and water to a bowl and stir well. Let the mixture rest for five minutes to thicken. Once you let it sit, add it to the recipe you wish to prepare with it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does it have a strong taste? 

 No. However, you have to be wise and use it carefully in any recipe you make. 

2. What is the nutritional content of this recipe?

 In 1 serving of flax egg recipe, you can find: 

 Calories- 37, carbs- 2g, protein- 1.3g, Fat-2.2g and trans-fat- 0g. 

3. Is the recipe freezer-friendly? 

 No. You have to use it as soon as you make it.