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A Perfect Tomahawk Steak Recipe Is All You Need!

tomahawk steak

Tomahawk Steak is a dream of every steak lover. Each bite of steak is exceptionally juicy, delicious, and meaty. You will fall in love with the recipe once you relish one bite of steak. You can enjoy grabbing the tasty dish at half cost by cooking it yourself. Homemade steaks are the best.

Popularly known as ‘Cowboy Ribeye,’ Tomahawk Steak is a classic cut piece of meat. It is incredibly flavorful and marbling. Because of its outstanding taste and a great look, the steak recipe is the favorite cut of beef to cook at home. Try the nerdiest recipe of Tomahawk Steak today and add flair to your dinner menu.

Ingredients Required For Preparation Of Tomahawk Steak


The recipe is super easy to cook as the components required for preparing the recipe are readily available in any local grocery store. You can cook the best tender and flavorful steak at home with limited raw materials. Here is the list of ingredients essential for cooking Tomahawk Steak.

  • 2 Tomahawk steaks
  • Room temperature compound butter
  • Coarse salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • Olive oil

Instructions To Cook The Best Tomahawk Steak At Home


You can prepare crispy steaks at home in less than 1 hour. Unbelievable, right? Well, that is true. Follow the simple guide on cooking the tastiest and tender at home in a short period.

  1. Take out the steaks from the fridge and allow them to thaw for about 30 minutes.
  2. 15 minutes before you are ready to cook the recipe, preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.
  3. Drizzle olive oil all over the steaks and season them with fresh ground black pepper and coarse salt.
  4. Put the steaks directly on the grill. Cook both the sides for 3 to 4 minutes until the steaks get a good sear and quickly release from the grates.
  5. Take a big sheet pan and place the steak on it.
  6. Put it inside the oven and cook them for about 30 minutes until the internal temperature is 130 degrees F. (it is advisable to use an oven-safe thermometer for measuring the internal temperature of steak).
  7. Take out the steaks from the griller and put them on the cutting board.
  8. Tent the steaks with foil paper and rest for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  9. Drizzle some compound butter on the top and serve it immediately.

And woohoo! The best family dinner meal, Tomahawk Steak, is ready. It is incredibly flavorful and tender and comes with a fantastic presentation. The dish looks incredibly yummy and makes you feel like grabbing it all. If you are searching for a wholesome family dinner recipe, do not miss checking the steak recipe. They are finger-licking delicious.

Nutritional Calculation Of Tomahawk Steak

One-time preparation of Tomahawk steak yields 2 servings. Per serving has the following nutritional value.

  • Saturated fat – 10 gms
  • Cholesterol – 80 mg
  • Sodium – 54 mg
  • Carbohydrates – 0.01 gms
  • Dietary fiber – 0.01 gms
  • Sugar – 0.01 gms
  • Protein – 24 gms
  • Potassium – 24 mg

Essential Tips And Tricks To Cook Perfect Tomahawk Steak

To cook a perfect steak recipe, keep the under-mentioned tips and tricks in mind. They are beneficial and would make your cooking super easy.

  1. It is advisable to check the steak’s internal temperature with an oven-safe meat thermometer.
  2. Season the top portion of the meat with salt and pepper very nicely. If it is not seasoned correctly, it might taste raw.
  3. You can also use other seasonings or even steak rub if you are highly fond of it.
  4. Allow the meat to rest for enough time before hitting the grill and after coming out from the oven.
  5. To infuse additional flavors and aroma, you can add rosemary herbs to the sheet pan before placing the meat.

How To Store Tomahawk Steak? Such a large cut of beef is not easy to get over within one sitting. Hence, you can cover and refrigerate it for up to 4 days. It is best when you have the steak on the day of cooking. But in case you end up with leftovers, you can reheat them. You can even create a new

exciting dish from the leftover steak. If you plan to reheat the steak, make sure you first allow the steak to come down to room temperature and then warm it gently.

Best Sauces And Side Dishes For Tomahawk Steak

While some people prefer a simple eating style, just salt, and pepper on the meat. But you can freely play with flavors and essence to light up the recipe differently. You can serve a variety of sauces and side dishes alongside the steak. The most common sauce is the Garlic Butter sauce for garlic and steak lovers. The seasoning of rich, smooth butter and the aroma of garlic amp up the dish. Moreover, you can add the following side dishes with the recipe:

  • Cacio e Pepe
  • Asparagus
  • Mushrooms
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Onion Rings
  • Frites
  • Steak and Salad
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Surf and Turf
  • Steak and Rice
  • Fish sauce
  • Lettuce wraps

How To Know When Tomahawk Steak Is Ready?

The steak recipe uses a simple process for preparation. It does not involve significant preparations for a specific rule to cook the steak. You are free to use any seasoning apart from salt or pepper. Moreover, you can even sear it on the stovetop directly rather than grilling it in the oven for your convenience. To check whether your steak is ready or not, it is always best to use an oven-safe thermometer. They check the perfect consistency of the steak.

The Final Takeaway

Tomahawk Steak looks impressive no matter in whichever way you present it. There are multiple ways to serve the steak. You can try different ways to serve the steak, from different sauces to side dishes. The recipe for the steak involves minimal ingredients and extra flavor. It is a perfect family dinner meal suitable for all age groups. Do not miss out on the recipe if you are also a meat lover. It is lip-smacking and healthy. Moreover, the overall time taken to prepare the dish is short, making it all the more simple and lucid.