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10 Healthy Vegan Pasta Recipes Straight from the Heart for you

Most people contemplate vegan food as uninteresting. In our opinion, they are hugely mistaken. These plant-based foods can be whisked into something lip-smacking instantly with the right ingredients and cooking skills. Vegan pasta recipes are the best samples to prove this point.

Vegan pasta is steeped in a mix of delicious flavours and textures that make it top the list of our favourite meals daily. What is best about them is that they are super-nutritious and satiating. Oh, and the irresistible aroma is just cherry on the top.

Let us help you explore our favourite ten vegan pasta recipes right away!

1. Summer Pesto Pasta- When veggies aren’t enough to spice up your pasta recipe, drip them in pesto sauce. The summer pesto pasta is a fine blend of simplistic yet diversified flavours that innovate it like no other. This light, warm and crunchy pasta will leave you licking your fingers until the end. Whether you are looking for the perfect vegan breakfast recipe or something gobble-worthy, this pasta is everything.

2. Spaghetti with vegan meatballs- Meatballs in a vegan dish? Am I dreaming? No, you are not! This pasta recipe is a hands-down dish to make anyone go gaga over Italian food. It contains a satiating mix of flavours and spice. But what is best is that you can eat a plateful of this dish and still be guilt-free. Oh, and this recipe is quick and easy. So, there is the minimal reason for you to worry about running errands when you do not know what to prepare for your next meal.

3. Fettucine with Vegan Alfredo sauce- There is nothing that a traditional Alfredo sauce can’t do. Creamy, satiating and mouth-watering, this recipe is a head-turner like no other. When you are in doubt, Fettucine with vegan Alfredo sauce is all you need to whisk and voila! You are all set with the best meal you can ever have. Oh, and it only takes 25 minutes to transform into the stunning beauty that it is. So, why keep waiting?

4. Italian Veggie Pasta- Dipped in aromatic flavours, this Italian Veggie pasta recipe is worth a million bucks. If you love pasta tossed in veggies, this recipe will leave your mouth watering until the end. The flavour of fresh Olives, Tomatoes, Zucchini, artichokes and lots of Basil is all that it takes to leave you wanting more. More so, this recipe is easy to make, that you can incorporate it into your favourite meal instantly.

5. Vegan Macaroni and Cheese- Mac and cheese lovers will go bonkers over this one! Draped in the velvety mac and cheese, this pasta recipe will remind you of the heavenly abode in seconds. If you are looking to kickstart your morning with a sumptuous breakfast, this one will leave you finger-licking. It is a kid’s favourite that you surely cannot miss out on.

6. Vegan Pao Thai- Tofu in a pasta recipe is like the cherry on top of a delicious cake. Vegan Pao Thai is the ultimate meal to incorporate into your daily diet for a satiating eating experience. The crispy and spicy texture of Tofu blended with rich veggies is all you need to make your day brighter. Prepare this dish whenever you want to grab the best bite.

7. Vegan one-pot pasta- There is a reason why one-pot pasta is a winner. For starters, they provide minimal inconvenience in cooking ingredients in different utensils. So, the hassle is almost half. Apart from that, one-pot pasta cooks in minutes that add to the excitement altogether. With cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach tossed in the pot, this vegan pasta recipe promises to treat your heart at once.

8. Vegan stuffed shells with spinach- If you are tired of eating the same pasta recipe daily, it is time to bring a twist to your meal. Vegan stuffed shells with spinach are an all-rounder for all the right reasons. It is quick, delicious and super-nutritious. These make it top the list of our favourite vegan pasta recipes. Oh, and how it blends perfectly with literally any Italian side dish is just magical!

9. Summer pasta salad with tahini dressing- The pasta-salad fusion is paradise on earth. Over the years, it has worked like magic for health freaks who want to quench their cravings instantly. So, if you do not want to go the extra mile with your meal, this simple yet nutritious recipe is good to go. The recipe requires a minimal effort that adds to the perfection of this dish.

10. Mexican pasta bake- If you are looking for a real crowd-pleaser, Mexican pasta bake is a win-win. You cannot miss out on the incredible mix of flavours that this dish has to offer. Oh, and the exciting aroma will leave your mouth watering for the longest time. Try it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these pasta recipes healthy?

 Yes, all the vegan pasta recipes we have shared with you are super healthy.

2. Can I customise these recipes?

 Yes, you can. However, make sure you do not go the extra mile with it as that may steal the healthiness from it.

3. Can I incorporate these recipes into my daily diet?

 Without a second thought!