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‘All you need to know’ guide about Zaxby’s Nutrition and its menu


Are you a chicken lover? Not like in PETA sense but more like a foodie? And if you do, then Zaxby’s might just be your Soul-restaurant. Haven’t heard of it yet? No worries, for this is your ultimate guide to Zaxby’s nutrition and its menu.

Zaxby’s history flashback:

Zaxby’s is a fast-casual restaurants chain in the United States. It’s also the older twin of KFC. How? Because Zaxby’s also offers the same and has a variety of Juicy & Chicken-ish options or all the chicken lovers out there ranging from Chicken wings, fingers, Sandwiches and Salads. The Restaurant popularly operates in the Southern United States and has about 900 locations all the country. Although, many of locations of Zaxby’s are owned by different groups and franchises. And only a handful of about 123 locations are currently owned by Zaxby’s.

How exactly Zaxby’s came into existence?

Well, just like any love story, Zaxby’s also started from the love of a little kid Zach McLeroy and his best friend Tony Townley for Chickens, who later become the founders of Zaxby’s. Both Zach and Tony loved Chicken and they knew the Chicken sold in Statesboro was not the Chicken that they dreamed of during Christmas or like that juicy Turkey on Thanksgiving. It was subtle and edible but not savoury or juicy enough to make one lick their fingers or even bite them off. The Local Chicken wings were good but not good enough for one to go for it again.

Then, they were just kids going to school, hanging out on Basketball court, imagining fantasies of their world and didn’t know the first word about Restaurant Business. But who knew that one day they would turn one of their fantasy into reality on that very Basketball court. Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley founded Zaxby’s on the very basketball court amidst the awful shots of Zach and 3-point landings of Tony’s. That’s how Zaxby’s came into being back in 1990 and has reigned with its legacy till date.

Zaxby’s nutrition guide and menu:

Zaxby’s offers quite a delightful ranges of the menu to the customers along with reasonable and great bargain of calories that you can nonchalantly add in your fitness regime and devour without an inch of guilt. Not to mention at reasonable prices which are light for your pocket and a blessing for your cravings.

Zaxby’s nutrition menu offers Zalads which are a mixture of healthy veggies and juicy Chicken; Sandwich meals; Wings & Fingerz; Zappetizers, Zax Kidz; Flavourable Favourites, Sides & Extras; Desserts and Drinks.

Zaxby’s Salad nutrition: Zalads 


Salad made from freshly picked farm vegetables along with some meat and chicken. And that too at a mere bargain of calories in between 580- 820 cal. And not to mention Zaxby’s nutrition Chicken grilled Salad, a must-try.

Zaxby’s Sandwich meals

Burgers and Sandwiches that are grilled till brown and filled with some juicy and savoury chicken. Mayo made just like home and filled with the goodness of lettuce, tomato, and red onions along with yummy pickles and crispy fries to go with. In the mood for some? Then, do try Zaxby’s nutrition Sandwich meals with calories as low as 840-1670 cal

Wings & Fingerz


In the mood for some bones juicy and savoury Chicken wings and fingers. Well, then don’t wait till your cravings subside. Grab some Zaxby’s nutrition Wings & Fingerz menu with calories as low as 290-1310.


Have you tried Zaxby’s nutrition Zappetizers, yet? They are house-special! And if not, then what are you waiting for? For the best part is that their calorie content is as friendly as in between 590-880 only!

Zax Kids


Zaxby’s nutrition menu have something for its Kids’ audience too in its menu and that with calorie content as low as in between 670-1020 only. So, that they don’t get full enough to have heartburn or an upset tummy.

 Flavourable Favorites


Exotic blends of Zaxby’s nutrition menu ranging from Boneless Wings Meal, Kicking Chicken Sandwich Meal, Chicken Finger Sandwich Meal and Grilled Sandwich meal with a calorie content as low as 840-1460.



Have a tooth just for sweets. Then, have you tried the heavenly dessert range of Zaxby’s Desserts of Cookies and Brownies? With a calorie content of 160-380.

Sides & Extras


Try the wide variety of Sides & Extras offered by Zaxby’s nutrition that ranges from the Coleslaw cup, Basket of Celery, Basket of Texas toasts, Crinkle Fries, Side Salad, Zax Snak, Buffalo Zax Snak, Extra Chicken Finger and the Nibbler. With a Calorie content of about 25-650.



How about a drink or two to go with some of that juicy chicken? If yes then have your pick from Zaxby’s nutrition drinks menu with a calorie content of about 0-1600.


That was all about Zaxby’s Nutrition and the menu that it has to offer. However, please note that any change in the above-mentioned information including the menu and its calorie content is possible by the Zaxby’s Nutrition any time and hence no credibility is guaranteed. All rights are reserved by Zaxby’s Nutrition itself. And it is highly advisable to check the official website of Zaxby’s Nutrition from time and again to avoid any kind of inconvenience in the future. The Calorie Content of the menu items vary depending on the size of serving you choose for, that is Small, Medium and Large. The calorie content is much less in small serving and relatively more in larger serving.

Speaking of Calorie content, the general calorie intake of an average person is prescribed as 2,000 Calories per day. However, Calorie intake also varies from person to person depending on the type of activity they practise throughout the day. Hence, it must also be kept in mind that a cheat meal once or twice a week won’t hurt your fitness regime at all. Although Zaxby’s Nutrition allows you not only cheat but also not to cheat on your fitness regime. As all the items in the menu of Zaxby’s Nutrition are below 2,000 Calories which is the general prescribed Calories intake of an average person. So, now you can cheat all you want or quench all your chicken cravings and yet stay faithful to your regime.

Still got questions:

What is Zach’s Favourite?

Zach’s favourite is Grilled Chicken Sandwich

What are the timings of Zaxby’s?

Zach is open from 10.30 am to 11.00 pm all days in the week.

Are Zaxby’s sauces house speciality?

Yes, Zaxby’s Sauces are the house speciality.

Is Zaxby’s Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant?

Zaxby’s is neither a vegan nor a vegetarian restaurant.

 Is Zaxby’s a family Restaurant?

Yes, Zaxby’s is a family restaurant.

Who owns Zaxby’s?

 Zaxby’s restaurants are mostly owned by several franchises. However, a handful of 123 locations are still owned by Zaxby’s Corporate founded by Zach McLeroy and his best friend Tony Townley.

Are Zaxby’s nutrition calorie content less than 2,000?

Yes, Zaxby’s Nutrition Calorie Content is less than 2000 Calories.